April’s Results And A Decision, CI#86

Nope, I have not forgotten or abandoned this blog or my weight loss plan.  My world has been through some HUGE changes and with the changes to the Give It 100 site I needed to figure out how to bring that project to a logical conclusion.

When I started my Give It 100 project, it was to prepare for our cruise and then the cruise got pushed back to December a few weeks after starting the project.  At that time I changed the project to “unlimited” which means there was no set end date.  I did not love the idea but at the time it is what I went with.   If we’d kept our original cruise plans, I’d be on my way home from Mexico and with just a few videos left to post.  December is still a long ways away but I was sticking to the vlogs and blogs because that’s what I do, right.

Then Give It 100 changed.

While I was figuring out what to do, I happened to figure out as of today I am exactly 10 weeks away from my one year weight loss journey anniversary.


That’s when I will end my Give It 100 project.  July 9, 2014 will be my last Give It 100 video.

It is the perfect, poetic end I was looking for.

It just feels right.

Basically, I need to complete a video a week and a couple extra a long the way to reach 100 videos.  Then my question became when to post the videos.  I don’t want them to all be on my results posts so I think I’m just going to wing it but commit to at least one a week.

It fits my life right now.  And that feels right too.

So on to my results for April–one full month of adding selenium and vitamins C and E to the calcium, magnesium, and vitamins D and A I was already taking.

8.2 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never, ever, NE-VER in the history of my life have I lost 8.2 pounds in a month.  Not only did I lose 8.2 pounds but I’m almost ready to fall into the 240s…Whaaaaaaaa???????  This morning’s weight 251.8. 

I can hardly contain my excitement.


I have set a fairly ambitious goal for myself just to keep myself pushing through the end of this first year.  On my last full-time working day, 21 September 2009, I happened to weigh myself even though I didn’t know it would be my last full-time day.  I weighed 236.6.

I guess you could call it my pre-fibro weight because it was before all the fibro drugs were introduced which ratcheted my weight up by two pounds a day.  Yes, a day!

Reclaiming that number is important to me.  In some mystical sort of way, it’s my victory lap of every day since then trying to figure out how to get my life back on my own terms from that beast.  And against ridiculous odds, I have managed to figure out this thing I call THRIVING.

My life is just that MY LIFE.  It doesn’t belong to fibromyalgia.

Yes, I still have fibro…but I am absolutely living, breathing, THRIVING proof it does not have me.

I want 236.6!

As of this morning that works out to be 15.2 pounds in 10 weeks or just over 1.5 pounds a week.

See, I told it was ambitious.

I know I will get it eventually.  Whether it is before 9 July remains to be seen because the truth is it is an ambitious goal for me but you damned-well better believe I am going to give it a run.

When fibro first found me, I never thought I would be able to set “an ambitious goal” again.  And yet here I am with the biggest grin on my face and tears starting to form in my eyes knowing and believing I can try.  I do not “need” to make it as much as I absolutely need to know I can still try.

Am I going to be disappointed on 9 July 2014 if I do not meet the goal?

Hell no!!!!!!

I have already lost more weight in the past 42 weeks than I usually lose in an entire year.  The rest as they say is icing on the cake….or should that be fat off my butt 🙂


Some Changes Afoot–Weekly Results, CI#85

This week was a train wreck.  It started with the news hubs knee is going to require surgery and my #2 son’s ankles need surgery and the tailspin never really stopped.  We’re actually still in the thick of some of the drama but Friday morning I put the train back on the track and have been crawling along ever since.

The extra business and stress brought fatigue AND a house that has tipped to the point of being chaotic.  Even as I am typing these words, I feel like I “shouldn’t” be taking the time.  Honestly, I need another cup of coffee and I can sip and write at the same time.  If I try to carry this cup around the house while I clean I will lose the cup.  And, truth be told, I do not want to clean today.  Typing those words made me tear just a little.  Yes, there is a little depression going on and a lot of uncertainty and even more I just need a damn break.  I also know me well enough to know as long as I continue to focus on the needing of a break the worse I am going to get so part of this note is creating that stop and moving forward.


Here’s what I know, I am not taking care of myself.

There I said it.

I am trying to think back to any example this week where I put self-care as my number one priority and I am coming up empty.


No flippin’ wonder I am a mess.


So it is almost no surprise to me that I only lost .2 pound this week. However, my average calorie deficit for the week says I should have lost at least one pound.


Perhaps and there is only one way to find out: Correct my course.

And yet, a meme from the weight loss surgery support group I cannot seem to leave, saved me from being too hard on myself about it.  The meme said to drop that “only” thinking and focus on the victory.  It is a message which has repeated through this journey often and I am very grateful it arrived at the moment I needed it. Maybe one of these days it will stick for good.

With as far off normal as this week was the truth is it IS amazing I still managed to keep it together enough to lose at all.  For the moment I saw the meme I really started thinking about what I had done different so I could make the right adjustments.

Yesterday afternoon while I was tending my garden it dawned on me that for no real reason at all I decided to start taking my supplements with lunch instead of breakfast.  It just seemed easier to take them all with lunch.  Well, this week the meal which could be called lunch has been between 2-3 in the afternoon which moved those supplements even farther away from my thyroid medication which they are supposed to supercharging.


Sometimes I don’t need “bad” things to happen to me because I do a decent enough job all by my lonesome of making my weight loss and life harder than it needs to be.  (For more proof I am not taking care of myself when I typed the “d” in harder my solar keyboard died.  You see part of what I do when I am taking care of myself is charge my keyboard under a light or near a window.  I wasn’t taking that time so I ran the solar cells totally dry.)  Sigh.  Starting today, I moved the supplements back to breakfast.  Starting yesterday, I returned to my self-care even if it was just a few minutes for me to rest or do something fun.  (Obviously, I had not come around to remembering to charge my keyboard too.)  I am also taking a few more slow deep breaths than I had been earlier in the week.

Inches lost: I’m assuming zero.  Truthfully, I measured my chest and waist and when there was no change either I rolled my eyes and didn’t really bother with the rest.

My best advice: If you have a complicated medical history, PLEASE pay attention to the small stuff.  The devil is in those details.  Please, let my example be your proof, your warning that the smallest changes do matter.

New week, new…errr, old…attitude.

FYI…This post was finished mid- to late afternoon on Sunday but the afternoon blew up, I didn’t get a shower so I chose not to put my greasy hair on camera and it was too flippin’ hot for a hat.  A little vain?  Yep.  I’ll own it.  And frankly since GiveIt100 changed their uploading format I’ve lost my motivation to make sure I have a video each day since I can skip as many days as I want and still be at the same number I left off.  Lazy?  Spiteful?  Probably both, honestly.  I’ll own that too.  I’m not happy with the change so I am trying to decide how and when to end my vlogs.  Right now, I think I’ll bang out 14 more and call it good but it does leave me with some things to figure out as far as this blog goes since I am still on my journey and I found the videos a useful tool.

An Open Thank You To Chris Powell For NOT Picking Me As A Contestant On Extreme Weight Loss, CI#84


Here’s why…I already decided either way I was on a mission to figure out my body once and for all.  And, In the five weeks since I sent that nerve-wracking video to you the floodgates of information have been unleashed.

As I told you in my audition, my medical issues present more than a few challenges and honestly if you had picked me I was hoping your muscles would help the doctors pay attention to the things I have been saying FOR YEARS. You see I know my body and I know when she’s not working right. But, you didn’t pick me. And because of that I keep looking and searching and NEVER GIVING UP HOPE ON MYSELF (not that I would have anyway).  I told you with or without you I was going to WIN at losing this time.  I highly suspected you would not take a chance on me and I do not blame you one single bit.  I am a complicated cookie, it is a fact–my fact–but I also know, or at least I think I do, part of the reason why you passed on me is because you could see the fire in my eyes and in my being and knew I would be okay without you.  If that is part of the reason, I just want you to know you did me the biggest favor by seeing that in me.  If not, well it is a nice enough story I am telling myself to keep me from being super sad you didn’t pick me.  Either way, I am figuring things out like never before and I am sure that the very emotional process of digging deep enough to make that uber scary video plays a huge part in why.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty yucky, and yes that’s the right word for it.  My body, my thyroid specifically, was just off and had little energy to do than read articles on the internet and in my email.

Learning to harness those low energy, low health moments has been one of my greatest finds along my journey.  Whenever they happen instead of sulking on the couch I ask myself, “What CAN I do?” and then I go do that instead of frittering away my time on mindless television or getting drawn into the drama that spewing about my symptoms on social media can be.  On that fateful Saturday, I could sit and I could read.  So I sat and I read.

Well wonder of wonders I found out my almost-weight-loss surgeon’s practice added the just-right endocrinologist and have an appointment with him in a few weeks. He has already ordered the proper lab tests and will have the results waiting for me at my first appointment with a plan of action.  I like action.  It has taken me twenty years–20 YEARS–to find an endocrinologist though I honestly only knew I needed one for about the last three or four years on my journey.

But, I am not one to sit back content to wait. I was still on the hunt for any little tweak in the meantime.

What’s the scripture, “Seek and Ye Shall Find.”

Well, as I was sitting there near-motion-and-energy-less. I found a tweak I never tried.

Thank goodness for the past ten years I have kept excellent track of what I eat because I took that new information and combed through my food journal and sure enough what this new source advised matched my pattern of losing sometimes and not other times. I can demonstrate to anyone who will listen that my body gains AND loses eating the same number of calories and exercise the same amount and I’ve never been able to figure out why.  Well, for the last three weeks I have employed that very simple little tweak–a small handful of antioxidants known to help the thyroid–and I have been richly reward with the best weight loss of my life.   For the first time ever, I feel like I have a handle on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

For the first time ever–and I mean ever in my whole entire life–I am losing weight like a normal person. Normal?  Me!!!!  For the first time ever, my weight loss matches the exact calorie deficit I have created.  Not only that but last week while I was battling bronchitis.  That’s right Chris, even when I was sicker than a dog I was still logging what I was eating and making sure I had the right deficit.  That is how determined I am.

I cannot help but sit here in the quiet of my day and as my lungs are still healing and wonder if maybe you and I would have ever come across this tweak because maybe I would have stopped looking because I decided to shift some of this responsibility to you. Maybe. Possible but not probable if the past 12 years of my ever-searching life stands as a testament to my determination to find MY answers.  Maybe, even with your muscles we could not have convinced a doctor to listen.  Maybe.

Had you taken such a huge risk with me and put me in the casting pool I would have been wading through that process hoping, praying to ultimately be chosen and perhaps doing less to help myself. No offense to the process but the fact is it seems right in this very moment it might have been a setback in my personal progress.  Until this very moment only a select few family members and friends knew I applied to be on the show.  Well, obviously now the whole world is going to know or at least the small fraction of it reading my blog.

So Chris Powell as much as I would have loved to meet you, work with you, be a very public example to disabled people everywhere and let’s be honest here and have you pay for the plastic surgery I am absolutely going to need at some future point, I have to give you a great big THANK YOU for turning me down. I will find a way to pay for that surgery when that time comes and maybe at some point I will still have the opportunity to meet you but the rest of it I think I can handle myself and when I cannot I know I am stubborn enough to keep looking for the answers.  I know I am already example to the handful of people following this specific blog and to hundreds, and maybe thousands, of fibromyalgia patients around the world through.

Thanks again Chris!

And for you, my dear friends who might be reading this I hope this explains all the references to “the big project.”  I have debated back and forth about opening this video to the public but today, for some inexplicable reason, I feel strong enough to send it flying through cyberspace.  Be kind, and if you cannot, be quiet.  Please.

Here’s the link to the full 15 minute video as Chris Powell and the Extreme Weight Loss Casting Team saw it: https://vimeo.com/user24777484/videos

Credit unavailable.  If you know the source of this image, please let me know.  As best as I could discover it was a free graphic.  If it is not, please notify me otherwise.

Credit unavailable. If you know the source of this image, please let me know. As best as I could discover it was a free graphic. If it is not, please notify me otherwise.

Feelin’ Better and Weekly Results, CI#83

Bronchitis.  It is why I have been gone most of the week.  Now that it is almost gone I am back.  My lungs are still struggling so I am tiring a lot quicker than I like but as I always say, “When I feel better, I do better” so here I am.

Now, on to the results…third week is a charm 🙂

I lost another 1.6 pounds. 

Coincidentally, it is the amount of weight I should have lost according to the deficit I created.  Imagine that!

(Read the first sentence with glee and the next two dripping with sarcasm, if you please.)

Allow me to add a tiny caveat about this week’s results: I ate like crap all week.

No, seriously.  JUNK!

For some reason the only flavors I could pick up was sweet or heat.  Everything else was a single, bland note.  I could discern textures but flavors, not so much.

Last week, I drank more commercially prepared hot cocoa mix (I usually make my own) this week than I have in the previous 12 months and probably 24 months.  It is the only thing that tasted.  Oh it didn’t taste what I would call “good” because normally I think the stuff is syrupy and seriously wanting for chocolatey, richness.  But, I could taste the sweet milk chocolate flavor so I drank mug after mug after mug.

I did have a couple of days where even with the infusion of cocoa calorie bombs I struggled to eat 1200 calories (the minimum a woman should eat).  Even in my feverish hacking, I was trying to remain aware of the test I am putting my body through so I made sure to eat that minimum and take my supplements.

Obviously, I also logged my food with Fitday and continued to wear my BodyBugg.  I had a couple of days were my calories eaten were a lot lower than normal but so was my activity level and in the end my weekly deficit was the same as a normal week.

So another 1.6 pounds lost for a total of 7.4 pounds since I started taking my supplements three weeks ago. 

(Technically I have lost 7.4 pounds since 17 March but I did not start taking the supplements until 23 March but had no loss between 17-23 March.)

For some perspective, in the last six months I have lost 11.2 pounds (since 29 October).  For my fellow math deficient readers, 7.4 pounds in the past three weeks and only 3.8 pounds in the previous five months–okay that’s depressing to look at but let me assure you it was not for lack of effort on my part—and the only thing I am doing different is helping my thyroid by taking:

400 IU Vitamin E
200mcg Selenium
500mg Vitamin C

That’s it.  That is the only change I have made.

Now, the ever-skeptical me is wondering if my thyroid hasn’t just decided to freak out and go all hyper on me (it has in the past a couple of times but not for decades) so I am remaining cautious as I brace myself for another week of trying to do exactly as I have done for the past three weeks.  However, I’d also be a big, fat liar if I didn’t admit to being 90-percent sure this is the right key to keep my body humming normally.

Damn…only took me 20 years to figure it out too.

All sarcasm aside this is the most confidence I have felt about my body in probably my whole life because even when I was a thin girl I was doing some super unhealthy things to inspire losses.

This is healthy.

This is……….



I am losing weight like a normal person.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.  Normal weight loss.

PS….I also lost another 1.75 inches.

Growing Energy, CI#82

I finished planting today!  I am so excited!  The peppers and tomatoes I put in yesterday look great.  The peppers look like they grew an inch over night.  While the peppers grew, it feels like my own energy is growing too.  I wanted to take a nap today but I didn’t feel like I had to…and I didn’t.  It’s just after 9 p.m. and I don’t feel like I am totally hitting the wall.  I mean I feel like I’ve worked today in the way work feels but not in the way Hashi’s drains energy or the way fibro limits it–at least not too much.  I have become rather adept at pacing and knowing when and how much I can push myself.  Today was one of those just right days.

Tomorrow I’ll clean-up all the empty pots and the errant weed clippings and then post the photos and a video.  I am so excited to be growing my own food.  It takes me back to the time in my life when we lived a virtually self-sustaining farm.  We bottle raised calves until they were big enough to go in the pasture and when they were bigger still we slaughtered them.  Our garden area was close to half an acre but it was my Papa’s sacred territory so I did not get to spend much time working in it.  After spending these few hours creating this space I think I understand him a little more.  Maybe the newness will wear off or maybe the joy of sitting and just watching things grow is something I will discover along the way.  I hope it’s the latter.

As for the rest of the night, the pollen count jumped this afternoon and I’m a little on the wheezy side so I am going to relax for a little while and then snuggle into bed.

Low Carb Day AND Pizza For Dinner, CI#81

I haven’t I told you but hubs and I are in the process of building a garden.  We were not able to get the compost on Saturday because we bought a car, a PT Cruiser, and it took us longer than anticipated.  So that meant today I needed get the dirt and start planting.

When hubs came home he finished the ground planter box and filled it in while I planted the pallet planter box.  I did get the pallet planted with peppers and tomatoes but the ground planter for the strawberries, squash, and cucumbers is waiting until the morning.  I woke up hurting and this super active day only means my fibromyalgia pain is still screaming.

Besides, I’m pooped and I cannot shake the taste of dirt…not even pizza could do it.


Pizza on a low carb day?


Here’s the thing, I had a perfect low carb day and the pizza was planned.


Well, simply because when you have fibromyalgia sometimes you have to make hard choices.  Today I had to put those plants in the dirt.  We bought them Saturday morning and a few of them were already starting to show signs of stress.  I know my body well enough to know its limits and a full day of gardening means I am not cooking dinner.  I knew on Saturday we were having pizza tonight so I prepared.  Pizza is not a great choice but under the circumstances it was the right choice.  Even with three small slices and one medium slice I am STILL under my calorie allotment for the day–that’s how perfect my low carb day was.

I could have pushed myself to cook dinner.  Honestly, I thought about it.  But when I started looking at my reasons why I wanted to push it just did not make any sort of healthy sense.  Pushing out of a need to do it all, be it all is the worst sort of pushing their is.  I do not really “need” to cook dinner to feel accomplished.  Of course, the other side is I should not feel like I have failed for ordering pizza for dinner.

Thanks to fibromyalgia I am learning this balance.  That’s right, thanks to fibromyalgia.  The old me would have been a mess about “ruining” the day with junk food and would have been riddled with feelings of guilt and failure.

The new me…she realizes life is about living so she just THRIVES!

Two Weeks Is A Trend+Weekly Results, CI# 80 (I’m going with 80)

Well by the title you should know the scale dropped again.  Not only did it drop but it dropped four times what “my normal” usually is…1.8 pounds and .75 inches to be exact.  In the past three weeks I have lost 5.8 pounds.


Yeah.  I’m trying…really trying…to not let it go to my head but at the same time…


So all my Hashimoto’s peeps here’s what I’m doing different:

400IU Vitamin E
500mg Vitamin C
200mcg Selenium

That’s it.




For more than a year I have been taking:

Super D Immune Complex (vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, 2 daily)
Calcium Chews (with vitamin D and phosphorous, 3 daily)

I have been taking these supplements for fibromyalgia but they happen to also support thyroid health.

I’m not exercising differently.

I am not eating differently.

In fact, I took special care to make sure I did not do anything new or different other than faithfully take the supplements Dr. Isabella Wentz recommends.

Two weeks with way above my normal weight loss results…a girl could get used to this.

UPDATE:  Thanks to the comment of a dear friend, please allow me to clarify.  When I say I am not doing anything differently I mean I am already, and consistently, eating well and moving appropriately but have NOT been seeing “normal” weight loss results.  My deficit from a combination of calorie restriction AND movement says I should lose 1-2 pounds a week, depending on the week, because one of the other things I have had to do to keep my body guessing is alter the deficit as well.  No matter what I have done my historic average weight loss is one-quarter to one-half pound per week when I again I “should be” losing 1-2 pounds per week.  I have NEVER seen those types of losses from week to week despite faithfully putting for the work.  Common sense has told me my body, and more specifically, my thyroid, is broken.  Furthermore, I would rarely see a pound or more from time to time.  So “nothing different” means I have NOT altered my food and fitness from what I have already consistently been doing.  Dozens of doctors through the years have gone so far as to accuse me of lying about what I am doing to try to control my weight because the almighty TSH test has been “normal” even though my current doctor is ill-informed about what a normal TSH actually is.  Eight months ago he told me 5.6 was “good enough” and refused to change my medication.  A normal TSH for a Hashimoto’s patient should be 2 or less.  But, it is still MY fault I am not losing weight.  Please excuse me while I roll my eyes.  This is not a case of me taking a handful of “magic beans” and watching the pounds melt away.  No way!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am WORKING for this…the difference is my body is displaying the results in a more normal pattern.  IF this is the key, I have been searching for it for TWELVE YEARS….twelve years of being frustrated but never giving up.  For the record, I am cautiously optimistic and not convinced all at the same time.  Even with taking these supplements, I am still symptomatic.  I do understand it takes the body some time to normalize when the thyroid goes off balance so I am still keeping the appointment with the endocrinologist who I hope can shed even more light on how I can help my body function properly.  And, should you be a doubting Thomas too please look at the linked video so you can see my BodyBugg results for yesterday.  BodyBugg is tamper-proof.  There is no way for me to control the data it spits out other than by moving my body.  I do manually enter my food of course.  A link to my food journal is posted on my fitness page on Facebook if you would like to check that out too. 

A Little Bit Better, CI#79 or 80 who flippin’ knows because it looks like I messed up my numbers again…grrrrrr

For the first time in a couple of weeks I did not take a nap today.  I needed one.  I wanted one.  But, I held out just to see how my body would treat me.  I’m not sure that was my best idea especially considering tomorrow is Saturday and hubs and I are building a garden.  In other words, I’m tuckered out.

It was a decent day–not great–just decent.  My head felt clearer and that is a relief.  I can deal with a lot but a fuzzy, buzzy head is one that scares me as much as it angers me.  My energy level, however, is still not “my normal” (which means instead of 3-5 good hours I am only getting 2-3 with significant rest breaks).  I do get a little boost after eating but it is short-lived.  It is also one of the ways I can determine if it is thyroid or fibromyalgia.  Food related boosts just do not happen with fibromyalgia.

I made an appointment with the endocrinologist in Las Vegas for April 23.  To my utter surprise and delight, they will be calling me with a lab order with instructions to go for the draw in advance of the appointment so the results will be available for the appointment.  I have hope.  It feels good.  The co-pay will be a maximum of $40 not that the good doctor accepts my insurance.  Patience, and persistence pays off, because had I demanded to schedule an appointment six weeks ago the same visit would have cost me around $500.

Putting on a blouse I have not been able to wear in three years feels better though.  Hello, NSV (non-scale victory)!!!  Talk about patience and persistence!  As difficult as this journey has been, at least I have not given up.

See, a decent day.  (My laundry is still in the dryer or I might be tempted to call this flare resolved…I’d lol but it’s not exactly funny)

PS…I just now caught the numbering issue…grrrrr…I’ll figure it out tomorrow *Yawn*


I Think I Need More Information, CI#78

I had a new doctor’s appointment today.  It started with Bio Meridian testing and ended with a nurse practitioner asking me which tests I would like run.  It wasn’t out of ignorance either.  She was genuinely asking what I felt should be investigated.  She didn’t even bat an eyelash when I said “A full thyroid panel, please.”


Twenty years of fighting with doctors about my thyroid and the many requests for the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis antibodies test…and BOOM she just checks the box?????

Maybe this is a victory…


It doesn’t feel like one.

I am not convinced this is the right practice for me.

The Bio Meridian testing was interesting though not entirely scientific did show my thyroid is stressed along with my GI system.  The gentle push toward expensive supplements was a total buzz kill.  But, the lab tests…C’mon!!!  You’re just going to give me everything I want without a fight?????? so now I have to be perpetually bothered by the “snake oil” part of the practice.


In the two weeks since I made this appointment, I found out the triple-board-certified endocrinologist in Las Vegas now accepts my insurance.  It is two hours one-way so no matter what the co-pay it is a significant investment.  And, there’s the chance he can be a total jerk.

I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!

I love my regular doctor.  We just do not see eye-to-eye about my thyroid and weight loss.  Why can’t I just be the patient who knows her body better than anyone else–including and especially him.


In other news, today was my best day in a couple of weeks.  I still crashed in the afternoon but I didn’t feel as blank as I have been.  Progress.

Frozen, Not The Movie, ME, CI#77

The weather roller coaster.  It is just that time of year again.  It’s been so cold today so of course my fibro’s a knockin’.  Then it is supposed to be 85 by Tuesday…but I like that part of the ride.



My energy level is still way off but I do feel like my body is building back up.  The “wall”–when I just cannot go another step–is still smacking me around 2:30 p.m. and I have to go lay down.  It ought to make tomorrow’s 2 p.m. doctor’s appointment with a new specialist rather interesting.  Honestly, I hope I am a big ol’ mess.

Anyway, I am not losing as many thoughts and when I do it is not taking as long to get them back so I have been a bit more productive and that makes me feel good.

But, I am freezing.  The non-Hashimoto’s me does not function too well as a Popsicle.

In other words, it has been a weird day.  And I just yawned…a nap, caffeine, and I’m ready for bed at 8 p.m.  Yep, I’m still low.