I’m Tellin’ Ya, It’s The Little Things, CI#76

Disclaimer: This is an exact copy of my Facebook post so if you’re a Facefriend I haven’t changed a word.  Some non-Facefriends asked for the details and I had intended to write something similar here but last night my daughter ended up in the ER and we did not get out until the wee hours of this morning.  Here’s my GiveIt100 video to go with it.  My best advice: Pay attention to the little things.

I know I profess my love for the internet and Facebook more than most people and I’m okay with it because without either I simply would not be who I am…or…as healthy as I am.

Over the weekend I hit a huge research goldmine and my husband quipped, “The internet is the best doctor you’ve had so far.” Sadly, he is not far off. So here I am again to profess my love.

You see my Hashimoto’s started falling off the cliff last week. When it changes it is usually not so violent for lack of a better word so I knew something triggered it. That is what sent me researching in the first place, I found some gems, including the suggestion of a positive FB support group. I joined with partially held breath but so far it is a good one.

Somewhere in the back of my still-fogged mind sits a little mouse pouring over every single thing trying to figure out what I’ve done to cause this flare. The mouse squeaked just as I was getting into bed, “Excuse me please but haven’t you been eating a lot of strawberries.”

Now I’m talking I was in the act of getting into bed, in that awkward space where you have to lay down to get back up. “Do not get up….just write yourself a reminder in your phone and go to sleep.”

One of the very first things I did this morning was to ask my new group if a single food could trigger a flare and explained how strawberries were on sale so I’ve been eating them almost daily when I normally do not. In less than five minutes, I learn for the first time in my 20+ years as a patient that strawberries are mildly goitergenic, which means they suppress thyroid function.


Bloody hell.

Chronic friends PLEASE keep track of what you eat, even just informally, because sometimes we are not doing the right things for our medical conditions even though we’re doing “healthy” things because I submit 5-6 strawberries at breakfast are generally considered healthy AND unhealthy when it’s every day for a week AND you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Since I was eating them closest to my medication it’s highly likely my serum levels are a touch off.

As the owner of this body, I take full responsibility. No more breakfast berries. Totally MY fault. Friends, I know it is hard to admit but sometimes we ARE causing ourselves more grief. It is innocent and no one likes to change but damnit how many more times do I need to prove it to you. I WILL be back to normal in a few days I am sure.

For the millionth time…..It is the tiny things, the tiny changes, the ones so small you may not even stop to consider until you are really willing to find better–not cured–just better. However bad you are feeling at this very moment, there is better waiting for you when you put in the time and effort to find it. STRAWBERRIES people…it can be as stupid as strawberries.


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