I Think I Need More Information, CI#78

I had a new doctor’s appointment today.  It started with Bio Meridian testing and ended with a nurse practitioner asking me which tests I would like run.  It wasn’t out of ignorance either.  She was genuinely asking what I felt should be investigated.  She didn’t even bat an eyelash when I said “A full thyroid panel, please.”


Twenty years of fighting with doctors about my thyroid and the many requests for the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis antibodies test…and BOOM she just checks the box?????

Maybe this is a victory…


It doesn’t feel like one.

I am not convinced this is the right practice for me.

The Bio Meridian testing was interesting though not entirely scientific did show my thyroid is stressed along with my GI system.  The gentle push toward expensive supplements was a total buzz kill.  But, the lab tests…C’mon!!!  You’re just going to give me everything I want without a fight?????? so now I have to be perpetually bothered by the “snake oil” part of the practice.


In the two weeks since I made this appointment, I found out the triple-board-certified endocrinologist in Las Vegas now accepts my insurance.  It is two hours one-way so no matter what the co-pay it is a significant investment.  And, there’s the chance he can be a total jerk.

I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!

I love my regular doctor.  We just do not see eye-to-eye about my thyroid and weight loss.  Why can’t I just be the patient who knows her body better than anyone else–including and especially him.


In other news, today was my best day in a couple of weeks.  I still crashed in the afternoon but I didn’t feel as blank as I have been.  Progress.

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