A Little Bit Better, CI#79 or 80 who flippin’ knows because it looks like I messed up my numbers again…grrrrrr

For the first time in a couple of weeks I did not take a nap today.  I needed one.  I wanted one.  But, I held out just to see how my body would treat me.  I’m not sure that was my best idea especially considering tomorrow is Saturday and hubs and I are building a garden.  In other words, I’m tuckered out.

It was a decent day–not great–just decent.  My head felt clearer and that is a relief.  I can deal with a lot but a fuzzy, buzzy head is one that scares me as much as it angers me.  My energy level, however, is still not “my normal” (which means instead of 3-5 good hours I am only getting 2-3 with significant rest breaks).  I do get a little boost after eating but it is short-lived.  It is also one of the ways I can determine if it is thyroid or fibromyalgia.  Food related boosts just do not happen with fibromyalgia.

I made an appointment with the endocrinologist in Las Vegas for April 23.  To my utter surprise and delight, they will be calling me with a lab order with instructions to go for the draw in advance of the appointment so the results will be available for the appointment.  I have hope.  It feels good.  The co-pay will be a maximum of $40 not that the good doctor accepts my insurance.  Patience, and persistence pays off, because had I demanded to schedule an appointment six weeks ago the same visit would have cost me around $500.

Putting on a blouse I have not been able to wear in three years feels better though.  Hello, NSV (non-scale victory)!!!  Talk about patience and persistence!  As difficult as this journey has been, at least I have not given up.

See, a decent day.  (My laundry is still in the dryer or I might be tempted to call this flare resolved…I’d lol but it’s not exactly funny)

PS…I just now caught the numbering issue…grrrrr…I’ll figure it out tomorrow *Yawn*



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