Two Weeks Is A Trend+Weekly Results, CI# 80 (I’m going with 80)

Well by the title you should know the scale dropped again.  Not only did it drop but it dropped four times what “my normal” usually is…1.8 pounds and .75 inches to be exact.  In the past three weeks I have lost 5.8 pounds.


Yeah.  I’m trying…really trying…to not let it go to my head but at the same time…


So all my Hashimoto’s peeps here’s what I’m doing different:

400IU Vitamin E
500mg Vitamin C
200mcg Selenium

That’s it.




For more than a year I have been taking:

Super D Immune Complex (vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc, 2 daily)
Calcium Chews (with vitamin D and phosphorous, 3 daily)

I have been taking these supplements for fibromyalgia but they happen to also support thyroid health.

I’m not exercising differently.

I am not eating differently.

In fact, I took special care to make sure I did not do anything new or different other than faithfully take the supplements Dr. Isabella Wentz recommends.

Two weeks with way above my normal weight loss results…a girl could get used to this.

UPDATE:  Thanks to the comment of a dear friend, please allow me to clarify.  When I say I am not doing anything differently I mean I am already, and consistently, eating well and moving appropriately but have NOT been seeing “normal” weight loss results.  My deficit from a combination of calorie restriction AND movement says I should lose 1-2 pounds a week, depending on the week, because one of the other things I have had to do to keep my body guessing is alter the deficit as well.  No matter what I have done my historic average weight loss is one-quarter to one-half pound per week when I again I “should be” losing 1-2 pounds per week.  I have NEVER seen those types of losses from week to week despite faithfully putting for the work.  Common sense has told me my body, and more specifically, my thyroid, is broken.  Furthermore, I would rarely see a pound or more from time to time.  So “nothing different” means I have NOT altered my food and fitness from what I have already consistently been doing.  Dozens of doctors through the years have gone so far as to accuse me of lying about what I am doing to try to control my weight because the almighty TSH test has been “normal” even though my current doctor is ill-informed about what a normal TSH actually is.  Eight months ago he told me 5.6 was “good enough” and refused to change my medication.  A normal TSH for a Hashimoto’s patient should be 2 or less.  But, it is still MY fault I am not losing weight.  Please excuse me while I roll my eyes.  This is not a case of me taking a handful of “magic beans” and watching the pounds melt away.  No way!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am WORKING for this…the difference is my body is displaying the results in a more normal pattern.  IF this is the key, I have been searching for it for TWELVE YEARS….twelve years of being frustrated but never giving up.  For the record, I am cautiously optimistic and not convinced all at the same time.  Even with taking these supplements, I am still symptomatic.  I do understand it takes the body some time to normalize when the thyroid goes off balance so I am still keeping the appointment with the endocrinologist who I hope can shed even more light on how I can help my body function properly.  And, should you be a doubting Thomas too please look at the linked video so you can see my BodyBugg results for yesterday.  BodyBugg is tamper-proof.  There is no way for me to control the data it spits out other than by moving my body.  I do manually enter my food of course.  A link to my food journal is posted on my fitness page on Facebook if you would like to check that out too. 


5 thoughts on “Two Weeks Is A Trend+Weekly Results, CI# 80 (I’m going with 80)

    • Ohhhhhh shoot, I guess I should clarify…I didn’t realize how that could be taken….I haven’t changed anything BECAUSE I already eat a diet that should inspire weight loss but hasn’t given me the results it should. I only meant I haven’t changed anything from what I have been doing all along. Same good eating habits I always practice WITH results for two weeks so the only thing I have changed is adding the thyroid supporting supplements. I did NOT mean I’m sitting here eating “bad” foods or not moving and the weight is just falling off. Nope!!!!! I’m working for it…and finally seeing “normal” results.

  1. I didn’t think the clarification was needed but it was interesting. I realized just how strong and determined you really are to be dealing with those numbers and yet you just keep pushing through. You amaze me!

    • Kari…I hope it helps you too. I’ve been reading a few Hashi’s boards and those who use the supplements are reporting good results in managing their antibody levels. Just don’t give up looking for your magic 🙂

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