Low Carb Day AND Pizza For Dinner, CI#81

I haven’t I told you but hubs and I are in the process of building a garden.  We were not able to get the compost on Saturday because we bought a car, a PT Cruiser, and it took us longer than anticipated.  So that meant today I needed get the dirt and start planting.

When hubs came home he finished the ground planter box and filled it in while I planted the pallet planter box.  I did get the pallet planted with peppers and tomatoes but the ground planter for the strawberries, squash, and cucumbers is waiting until the morning.  I woke up hurting and this super active day only means my fibromyalgia pain is still screaming.

Besides, I’m pooped and I cannot shake the taste of dirt…not even pizza could do it.


Pizza on a low carb day?


Here’s the thing, I had a perfect low carb day and the pizza was planned.


Well, simply because when you have fibromyalgia sometimes you have to make hard choices.  Today I had to put those plants in the dirt.  We bought them Saturday morning and a few of them were already starting to show signs of stress.  I know my body well enough to know its limits and a full day of gardening means I am not cooking dinner.  I knew on Saturday we were having pizza tonight so I prepared.  Pizza is not a great choice but under the circumstances it was the right choice.  Even with three small slices and one medium slice I am STILL under my calorie allotment for the day–that’s how perfect my low carb day was.

I could have pushed myself to cook dinner.  Honestly, I thought about it.  But when I started looking at my reasons why I wanted to push it just did not make any sort of healthy sense.  Pushing out of a need to do it all, be it all is the worst sort of pushing their is.  I do not really “need” to cook dinner to feel accomplished.  Of course, the other side is I should not feel like I have failed for ordering pizza for dinner.

Thanks to fibromyalgia I am learning this balance.  That’s right, thanks to fibromyalgia.  The old me would have been a mess about “ruining” the day with junk food and would have been riddled with feelings of guilt and failure.

The new me…she realizes life is about living so she just THRIVES!


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