Feelin’ Better and Weekly Results, CI#83

Bronchitis.  It is why I have been gone most of the week.  Now that it is almost gone I am back.  My lungs are still struggling so I am tiring a lot quicker than I like but as I always say, “When I feel better, I do better” so here I am.

Now, on to the results…third week is a charm 🙂

I lost another 1.6 pounds. 

Coincidentally, it is the amount of weight I should have lost according to the deficit I created.  Imagine that!

(Read the first sentence with glee and the next two dripping with sarcasm, if you please.)

Allow me to add a tiny caveat about this week’s results: I ate like crap all week.

No, seriously.  JUNK!

For some reason the only flavors I could pick up was sweet or heat.  Everything else was a single, bland note.  I could discern textures but flavors, not so much.

Last week, I drank more commercially prepared hot cocoa mix (I usually make my own) this week than I have in the previous 12 months and probably 24 months.  It is the only thing that tasted.  Oh it didn’t taste what I would call “good” because normally I think the stuff is syrupy and seriously wanting for chocolatey, richness.  But, I could taste the sweet milk chocolate flavor so I drank mug after mug after mug.

I did have a couple of days where even with the infusion of cocoa calorie bombs I struggled to eat 1200 calories (the minimum a woman should eat).  Even in my feverish hacking, I was trying to remain aware of the test I am putting my body through so I made sure to eat that minimum and take my supplements.

Obviously, I also logged my food with Fitday and continued to wear my BodyBugg.  I had a couple of days were my calories eaten were a lot lower than normal but so was my activity level and in the end my weekly deficit was the same as a normal week.

So another 1.6 pounds lost for a total of 7.4 pounds since I started taking my supplements three weeks ago. 

(Technically I have lost 7.4 pounds since 17 March but I did not start taking the supplements until 23 March but had no loss between 17-23 March.)

For some perspective, in the last six months I have lost 11.2 pounds (since 29 October).  For my fellow math deficient readers, 7.4 pounds in the past three weeks and only 3.8 pounds in the previous five months–okay that’s depressing to look at but let me assure you it was not for lack of effort on my part—and the only thing I am doing different is helping my thyroid by taking:

400 IU Vitamin E
200mcg Selenium
500mg Vitamin C

That’s it.  That is the only change I have made.

Now, the ever-skeptical me is wondering if my thyroid hasn’t just decided to freak out and go all hyper on me (it has in the past a couple of times but not for decades) so I am remaining cautious as I brace myself for another week of trying to do exactly as I have done for the past three weeks.  However, I’d also be a big, fat liar if I didn’t admit to being 90-percent sure this is the right key to keep my body humming normally.

Damn…only took me 20 years to figure it out too.

All sarcasm aside this is the most confidence I have felt about my body in probably my whole life because even when I was a thin girl I was doing some super unhealthy things to inspire losses.

This is healthy.

This is……….



I am losing weight like a normal person.

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.  Normal weight loss.

PS….I also lost another 1.75 inches.


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