A Date With Destiny, CI#87

I love my #BodyBugg for all the great data it gives me.

It has taught me I do not have a “slow” metabolism at all. In fact, even for a mobility challenged woman I’m a bit above average for a fully able-bodied female in my age bracket. This also help proves it’s my whack-a-doodle thyroid is actually the culprit.

But one of the other things BodyBugg shows me is the duration and quality of my sleep. Because I’m such a data junkie I have even proven that good sleep is not only crucial to keeping my pain body happy but my thyroid happy. And then there are moments like now when my BodyBugg shows me exactly three hours and forty minutes of sleep and I just want to bang my head on the desk.

Why am I awake?

I have a date. One I have been waiting on for many, many years.

No hubs and I are not on the fritz.

My date is with an endocrinologist. He’s not just any endo.  He is a triple board certified in diabetes and metabolism, hypertension and endocrinology, and internal medicine.  He is widely published and is a professor of medicine at two prestigious universities.  But even with all those amazing qualifications I have dealt with enough doctors to know there is a fair chance he is just going to be a overachieving butt head.  Frankly, I have been less nervous about date, dates.

Being sick has taught me the importance of the relationship between patient and physician in many ways trumps all other relationships because when I sick person is sick everything else suffers. It’s not because we’re needy or drama queens, it is because our bodies are broken and living broken is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to deal with especially when I am so motivated to do good things for my body and have been unable to find the proper medical support.

So Mr. Board Certified Endocrinologist, I sure hope you actually read The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism because I sure do and if you are not willing to at least follow the basic guidelines for the treatment of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or you can find some other chump.

This is my life, my body, my disease, and my health and I will have adequate treatment.

Not only do I deserve it but my hubs, kids, and even my dogs deserve it too.

I have a long list of medical conditions but the real truth is only two–thyroid disease and obesity–have the potential to shorten my life and they amplify the effects of every other diseased and dysfunctional body part.

Why should I be nervous?

*rolling my eyes*



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