Maybe It’s A Stretch…And I Don’t Care, CI#91

I have said a bazillion times throughout my chronic life talking it out is always helpful when you are talking in a positive, moving-forward sort of way.  This morning I had a moment of crystal clarity.

Yesterday I admitted to pouting about my weight-loss-aversary on Wednesday.  Honestly,  I am still pouting a little.


In asking myself the tough question, “Did you sabotage yourself?” and waiting for the real answer, the real issue to reveal itself–No, the truth is the medication and dosage was damaging my body and therefore it needed changed–I also started thinking about how I first found Carb Cycling.

If you remember, I was prepping for a vertical sleeve gastrectomy when I started this blog and it was nearly a month before I even learned what Carb Cycling is.

And slowly the light dawned…

I did not start Carb Cycling until later in July.

*cue bells, whistles, and a shaft of purple glitter-filled light*

I opened up my trusty Fitday journal and went back 12 months.

My 28 July journal entry reads like this:

“Holy shit…this carb cycling thing works…three days and my plateau is busted.”
Yeah that means that even before July was over last year I had already stopped losing.

Not even a whole month!!!!

That is the kind of nonsensical behavior I have been putting up with from my body most of life.  There were so many months I would lose maybe a pound one week and then nothing for weeks on end.  My longest plateau was 11 months….YES MONTHS!!!!!!!

Carb Cycling changed all of that.

Right now is the only time I have been stuck for more than 10 days since I started using it.  And I know Carb Cycling isn’t the problem.

*insert lots of muttering about stupid doctors, thyroids, and lame medications*

*Shake it off*

Anyway that makes my Carb Cycling start date 25 July.

16 extra days.

I’ll take ’em 🙂

And I will celebrate both days because both days are a turning point in my personal weight loss journey….which may not be all it seems.

My best advice: JOURNAL!!!!  Because I journal I was able to know what I was doing a year ago, because I journal I was able to give my body 16 more days to reach that “magic” milestone, because I journal I was able to lift myself out of a funk, because I journal I was able to find hope, because I journal I empowered myself to keep pushing forward.

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