364 Days Ago I Could Not Sleep, CI#92

On this night a year ago, I knew I was taking a big step.  I was terrified.  I had been down this road so many times I was not sure I could really do it again.

I have been letting myself wander through all the memories…and Old Navy…Yeah, I can fit in their clothes now...total Non-Scale Victory!!!!

This has been an amazing year and I am so excited to let it unfold for you over the next few days.

Today was all about ending stronger than I started.

Oh I jumped in with both feet last year but I was still so nervous and timid.

Today I barreled through like it was nothing.

I’m not feeling the greatest, I feel a weather-headache coming on, and my bad hip and knee are screaming but today I know so much more about my body and I knew I would be okay…uncomfortable but okay.




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