One Size Definitely Does NOT Fit All–CI #95

Oh wow it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these.  Honestly, I have been teetering on the edge of not being very nice to myself for it either.  So I’m here to say to myself “You did it now go do something else you need to do.”

What’s been keeping me?

My hubs finally is having surgery on his knee next week.
My thyroid’s been wacky.
I have had a kid go through a mini-crisis.
My time has been cut-up into weird chunks and I’m just superstitious enough of a writer to think it’s cast a funky mojo on my creativity.
The county fair took a couple of weeks too.
The weather–Monsoon season to be precise.  It’s the roller coaster of the weather world–60+ percent humidity, rain and 90+ degree heat all at once.
Our cruise, the reason I started this whole project-first was moved and now is cancelled, most likely.  There’s a slim chance we will still go this year.

You know, “normal” life stress.

*rolling my eyes*

And then there is this project.

The Give It 100 rules changed and I did not like it but I got over it.  Then all of the above happened and I found myself needing to cut a few things loose.  This video project which actually consumes more time than you would imagine was one of those things.  Today, I am hugely grateful for the changes to the Give It 100 format and for the opportunity to finish what I started…and to start another video project (it’s a secret for now so I am just telling you to annoy you…lol).

While I am here, I would like to climb on my soapbox a moment.  Since this is my space I can do that 🙂

Here goes…I have been frustrated lately by how many times I see people say “I can’t” or “I won’t” simply because whatever tool is before them does not fit them perfectly so I am using this space to scream……


For heaven’s sakes, use the collective genius of the world, and use your brain to make your own decisions about how to use that information in your own situation.


Now that, that is off my chest let me explain.

You are limiting yourself if you are looking for a perfect, one size fits all solution that does not require any of your own genius to maintain.



I am on a mission to transform my life so I do look to a lot of genius types for help.  I take what works for me and I leave what doesn’t.

Is it because I do not want to follow a plan or be told what to do or how to conduct my life, NO!  It is because I have a lot of things to consider.

Image Credit: Oglivie Design

Image Credit: Oglivie Design

As a writer of a transformational book–oh yeah that’s been chipping away at my time too–I know once someone develops an idea to the point it is replicable by the masses it also become watered down to the point of being generic.  Why?  Because it is utterly impossible to address advice to the masses which is perfectly suited to each and every individual situation.

For example, Burpees are a thing in the exercise world right now.  They are a fantastic exercise.  I used to do them.  But…Now, I cannot.  The thought of taking my vertigo alone through that sequence makes me laugh.  I’d break something or someone!  So if someone tries to tell me the only way to burn fat is to do Burpees I can choose to believe that or I can use my own intellect to know that is not wise advice for me and move on…without drama, without creating a scene about my inability to do a Burpee or ranting about their stupidity for insisting on them.  Instead, I choose to use my own brain AND find what I CAN do without wasting a moment’s energy on what I cannot.  In my case, I also fired the trainer who insisted I do them because “They are the only way to really burn fat.”

In all fairness to Burpees, I also did not sign with the private yoga instructor who insisted on hour-long sessions three times a week either because I know my medical conditions better than to try to start there.  I tried to explain but she was so convinced her system was the only way she did not get my money.

In fact, I have yet to find a trainer that will start with where my body is now and help me work it up to where they and I would want it to be.  I am offering them money for their time and they are saying no because where I am is not worth their effort or time.  Crazy, huh?  But, I also have not stopped searching

If anyone says, it’s “My way or the highway” and you have a chronic disease of any sort they are automatically NOT the trainer or support person for you.  That leaves a lot of us chronic chickies on our own to find what works for us.  The utterly sad thing is when I see “normal” people say they “can’t” because something does work for them so I know it is not just a “sick person” thing to do.  So well or sick please, I am begging you, do not be afraid to get creative.  I am proof-positive creative solutions work.

Years ago I was a member of a fibromyalgia support group and suggested the “Sit and Be Fit” exercise series to some group members.  It is one of the things I have used to get my fitness on because it is what I CAN do.  Some excited members looked it up only to return and scold me, “We don’t have arthritis, Tanya, what we NEED is someone with fibro to show us how to exercise.”  Good Golly Miss Molly!  Here is someone with fibro…ME….telling you how she uses the program and how you can exercise and just because it’s “for” people with arthritis and not fibromyalgia they limited themselves by it cannot possibly be useful to someone with fibromyalgia.  Aye Carumba!

I’m here to tell you in my early exercising-with-fibro days I learned a TON from watching old, arthritic people exercise.  They move slowly and gently but deliberately.  I’ll even go so far as to admit in the beginning they moved BETTER than I could so I copied their fine example until I could move like that too.

That was almost three years ago.  I have graduated beyond the “Sit and Be Fit” exercise routines.  I am nowhere near Burpees and hour-long yoga classes but that is okay.  I have lost almost 35 pounds WITH fibromyalgia and thyroid disease while not following Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling program to a tee and by not exercising like a “normal” person would.

I feel sorry for the people who have a need to have every single thing in their lives tailor-prescribed for them by someone else instead of collecting the wisdom of the world available at their fingertips and tailoring it to fit their own individual needs.

Think about this: Few of the great inventors had any sort of blueprint when they started.  The simple desire to create a solution was their only spark.

The essence of transformation is creating sustainable, personal solutions.

You can do that, can’t you?

My best advice: Get Creative!  Do not be afraid to tweak things to match your ability and health because the truth is your ability and health depend on it.

PS….Yes, I understand the inherent hypocrisy of this ranting post when I’ve advised you to not rant and find what works but frankly there are not enough of you believing in yourself that I feel I needed to be the one to say something.




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