CI#97–I’m Back From A Break

My last post swirled around the INSANITY of losing weight with thyroid disease and fibromyalgia.  My answer to that 12 October post: STOP.  Stop being insane.

So I did the unfathomable and decided to STOP Carb Cycling or even paying too much attention to food, calories, fitness, but not the scale.

Used without permission from

Used without permission from

On that little pain in my ass, I kept a strong eye.  I was watching and waiting for it to creep upward and then I was going to hang out there for a few days and BAM hit the Carb Cycling again.

How’d that work out?

It was INSANE TOO!!!!

At first there was no change at all.  It took about a week for my body to add a couple of pounds from the extra carbs.  And I do know it was the extra carbs because I was NOT using this break as an excuse to hork down everything in sight.  It was simple a rule-less break.  I ate when I was hungry.  I ate veggies IF I felt like it and the went same for carbs, protein, sugar, and fat but I did not overeat.  Not even on Thanksgiving did I eat too much, of course, it was easy because I didn’t cook.  Yeah, not a single sweet potato did I prepare.

My plan was to let myself “gain” five pounds.

Now that “gain” is in parenthesis because I knew most of it would be from excess glycogen in my muscles and not true weight gain because again I was NOT overeating so I wasn’t going to really gain weight.

So I bet you’re wondering how long it took to pack on five whole pounds?

Well, my last teary post was October 12 and the last day I recorded my food in Fitday was 30 October.   The days between my emotional break down and my last food journal entry was me deciding what to do and ultimate deciding to take a big deep breath and to stop toiling in the insanity.

I also realized I’ve been on some sort of plan since July 2013–or 15 months–until my body stopped responding to my efforts.  Once that dawned on me, it was easier to give myself permission to step away.  But, I didn’t step until I had a plan to jump back.  That is where the five pound “gain” came in.

To be fair I actually learned about this approach when I was a personal trainer at Curves for Women in the 90s and for some reason I remembered it.  Curves founder Gary Heavin, suggests when transitioning to maintenance to never let yourself gain more than five pounds.  If or when you do, he says to just jump back on your plan until you lose the weight.  Then you keep repeating the cycle until your metabolism readjusts so you don’t gain by eating like a normal person.  It’s probably one of the most intelligent maintenance plans I’ve ever known of so I decided to give it whirl.  Heavin suggests the more “broken” your metabolism the faster that weight will come on as an almost “flight or fight” type response.  “Oh look more food.  Let’s keep it,” sort of thing.

Let’s go back to my last day of found journaling: 30 October.

Like I said, I gained 2-2.5 pounds in after 15 days.

Then the scale just bobbed.  Up a little, down a little but essentially the same.

When did I gain the rest?

This past weekend I went up another .5-.75 pounds.

First I’m bitching because the scale races upward when I’m doing everything to bring it down and now I can’t gain an ounce eating dessert a couple of nights a week.

Seriously, body?

When did I top out at a five pound gain?

Wednesday morning.

So I have to give a shout out to the amazing cheesecake from the Fish Rock Grill.  Thank you, Oh Glorious Turtle Cheesecake for making me a bloated, puffy mess who had a near-meltdown when the scale shot all the way up to 247.

Thankfully, the 247 thing was fleeting and was like the result of teryikai sauce and restaurant food as much as that creamy, ooey, gooey, caramely, slice of awesome (sorry you probably didn’t need to read that but it was amazing and I’m slightly sad I know it exists).

If that 247 was real would have lost my ever lovin’ mind.

Those 240s were not nice to me at all.

This morning 4 December: 244.4.

Thirty-five days after I threw Carb Cycling and Fitday aside.  It took my body 35 long, wonderful, beautiful days.


Oh you’re confused?

If Mr. Heavin is right, and I do believe he is, my metabolism didn’t see me going off the rails as a threat so it didn’t pack on the pounds in a matter of days.  It was calm.  It was patient.  Or, maybe it was just taking a nap.

If my metabolism was kissable, I’d kiss it.

And now it’s time to keep my promise to jump back on track.

So here I am declaring, “I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.”

Am I jumping right back in?


I’m taking the rest of the week to slowly add structure back in to my eating and I’ll start Carb Cycling on Monday.

Is this an excuse to keep eating off track?


I know from experience my guts are going to revolt if I suddenly switch gears so I’m being kind to my body and easing back in.  The results of tonight’s roasted cauliflower lets me know I’m pretty wise to take it easy, ’nuff said, right.

But, I’ve actually saved the best result for last.

During my break, I did continue to use my BodyBugg/BodyMedia device because I wanted to make sure my activity level did not dip off too.  Taking a much-needed break is smart but losing mobility would have been months of me trying to cajole my body back to being willing to move.  Since today marks 100 days until my hubs and I set sail for the Mexican Riviera losing mobility would have been a different brand of insanity.

Anyway, do you know what happened during my break?


Are you frickin’ kidding me?


It got FASTER.

Not carb cycling also gave me a chance to not worry about not eating carbs so I found a few new carby recipes to add to my rotation which I do believe will be important since so many of my days were just a blur of protein and veggies but starchy veggiesonly on high carb days, of course.

Best of all, after 35 days I am ready for a kickass low carb Monday.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about my body’s penchant for insanity though.

I know I didn’t tell you why I’ve been missing and I apologize for that but I needed to just be in my own head for this one.  (OMGOSH, I am NOT going to freak out about how puffy my face looks….deep breath…it’s a new camera angle…you’ve gained a little….you’re bloated…just breathe…can’t wait until Monday now).


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