CI#98–Today’s The Day

The worst part about taking a break is getting started again.  There is this amazing temptation to feel like a failure or even that life won’t be as lovely following “the rules” again.  It’s a head game.  Nothing more.  It’s also a big, fat lie and you really need to treat it as such because if the foods you’re eating on plan are really that abhorrent to you then you need new food.  Srsly!

Even as much as I know that, I will admit my feet did not hit the floor this morning before I caught myself thinking, “Low carb day…oh hell no.”  But I took a big deep breath and let that thought go.

Carb cycling–or any structured eating plan–takes work.  The truth is I woke up with some of yesterday’s pain and I don’t want to deal with the work.  That is different from “I can’t,” “I’m a failure,” and even “Oh hell no,” so it’s best to admit what it really is and move on.  Today I want to lounge about in flannel jammies nursing my Christmas-tree-putting-up-six-trips-to-the-store wounds.  But, I am also honestly very eager to start Carb Cycling again.

However, I am also nervous and worried the break won’t be enough to kick-start my body again.  I have to acknowledge those feelings while making sure I do not let them stand in my way.  I was off for 35 days so if my body hasn’t responded appropriately in 35 more days then I’ll give those feelings some steam.  Then I will act on them.  Today I will admit them and do my part to wrangle my insane thyroid, fibromyalgia body into submission and I’ll keep doing that until it is abundantly clear it is not working.  number-1

With my eagerness, I’m racing through this post so I can declare my goals to myself and to y’all and get my day started right.  I’m back.  And the parts of me who don’t hurt from yesterday are excited to get back to it which is why it is so important to recommit as publicly as you feel comfortable.  So many dieters make the mistake of keeping it a secret.  The “I’ll start on Monday” thought quickly turns into “I deserve to be fat forever because I’m such a loser for eating cookies for breakfast,” on Tuesday morning when waking up Monday involved their own “Oh hell no” moment.  It happens.  To everyone.  Know that, overcome that and you’re already on your way.

Hi my name is Tanya and I am recommitting to Carb Cycling today.

My best advice: If you need a restart, declare it!

If you do not have a support system put it in the comments or if you know me message me privately because you know I am here cheering for you.  Just tell someone other than yourself because that layer of accountability is crucial to your success.  We got this!


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