Week 3: I’m going to make this short.

Yes, I know some of you are laughing and that’s cool.  You’re laughing because you know me and are well-acquainted with my lengthy posts.  It’s all good.  But, I promise this will be short because I’ve actually been dreading writing a behemoth all day.  Then I realized I could use economy in my writing.  I could simply say….


But that’s not the whole truth.

It just feels like the whole truth because my body’s a bloated, water retaining, puffy mess.

The truth is I made some positive strides.

I made my first ever canning jar salads.  I admit I was skeptical but they’re really rather awesome.

Tomatoes, yellow peppers, celery, and radishes in roasted red pepper vinaigrette

Tomatoes, yellow peppers, celery, and radishes in roasted red pepper vinaigrette

However, I did learn that radishes brewed in vinegary dressing for a few days sorta smell like feet (note to self: put the radishes on the top next time).  Other than the stinky feet smell they were actually super yum and oh so convenient.  Three jars of chopped veggie salads took me less than 15 minutes from chopping to sealing.

Then Wednesday showed up, my allergies turned on the juice, and that’s where misery found me.

Thursday night was good and bad.  An Instagram friend showed me a cool coconut flour mug cake so I “had” to try it.  It was low carb and highly DELISH.  Easy, healthy, and clean….But, a dessert on a Thursday?????  Honestly for as good as it was it made me feel like crap for not sticking to my plan.

Friday was allergies AND my new neck thingy.  I couldn’t feel my fingers on my right hand so I didn’t enter my food into Fitday and haven’t since.  I can give myself a pass for not doing it when I’m in pain but for avoiding it the rest of the time I absolutely know better.

WP_20150124_003Saturday was busy early and peaceful later.  In the afternoon, I went with my hubs to deliver some firewood near “my” mountain.  It’s one of my favorite places in the whole world and I really needed to be there.

Today has been good.  Reward Days are easier though.  I admit I am behind on water and I haven’t eaten exactly every three hours but otherwise it’s been a good day.  I even went for a walk.

About the walk: I am officially a fibro girl in training.

Training for what?

Used without permission from Princess Cruise's Facebook page.

Used without permission from Princess Cruise’s Facebook page.


One of my secrets to enjoying vacation with fibromyalgia is putting myself in training weeks before the planned get away.

Fibro bodies need time to work up to the activity level of the trip.  I believe this is where so many fibros fail when attempting to go on vacation (or even grocery shopping…but that’s a topic for another day, another blog).

But enough of that for now.

The only other thing I want to share is: The scale is up even more than last week.  I know it’s lying.  I know I’m bloated and puffy so I reject the number.  It is not real so I refuse to give it space in my brain (okay you know I’m thinking about it but what I mean is I’m trying to not let those thoughts go south).

Just remember accountability is NOT perfection.  It is about owning your mistakes AND moving forward.  This week could have been better and that’s on me.



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