Week 11–A Midweek Message

Dear Tanya,

It’s Wednesday morning and you’ll be catching your first glimpse of Mexico any moment now.

Please remember everything we worked on and how you’re not going to be all wrapped up in your head. Neptune Pool

Put on that swimsuit and go soak the sun.  It’s okay. You’re really the only person ‘that’ focused on your thighs.  Stop focusing on your thighs.  They’re holding you back more than you admit to yourself.  You know I’m right.

Just breathe woman.

Everything is okay.

This trip is not going to be what you planned and that’s okay too.  It really is.

What choice do you have anyway? Stay home?  Yeah, I don’t think so.

You and hubs tried your hardest.  You both worked your guts out.  Things didn’t come together the way you planned.  Let it go.

Have fun.

Read on the balcony.

Take a zillion pictures of sparkly things.

Let yourself have an extra swipe of sparkly eyeshadow when you feel the need.

Sit in the sun.


Eat lobster every chance you get.

Smell the ocean.

Wake up just before the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise.

Hold hands under the stars.

Make love.


Have dessert everyday if you feel like it.

Feel blessed to be with the sea.

This week is one of those weeks that is just going to be amazing.  Let yourself live it for what it ends up being.  You are 100-percent in charge of how you handle yourself.  Rise up to the grace you try to live by in every other aspect of you life.  Be beautiful inside because you are beautiful outside.

And just remember while you were writing this someone showed up to buy the trailer you and hubs have been trying to sell for months so now you have a little extra money and that only means extra fun.

Just be blessed honey.



PS…I scheduled this post on Friday before I left.  I want to remember it.  I wanted to know it would be “out there” for you to see.  I figured I’d need a little push to be brave.  This way I won’t chicken out 🙂


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