Week 16–No Scale, No Problem

I thought it was going to be a lot harder to have my husband put the scale up where it’s really hard for me to reach it but thanks to a drama-filled week and very little sleep I haven’t cared–too much 🙂

I did have a medical appointment during the week and I wanted to ask but the fact that it was late in the day and I was wearing my sneakers was just enough to stop me from asking.

I’m really trying to let myself follow the Lose It program and give my body a chance to adjust.  I did take a tiny peak at the scale on Saturday to make sure my body wasn’t freaking out.  I was up just a little bit but Saturdays are never my low weight and we’d had chips the night before AND I put the scale back by myself.

It was one thing to say, “Take this away from me,” and watch my husband not only take it but put it in the top of the closet but it was entirely something different to take it down, use it, breathe, check myself, and then put it right back on the shelf all by myself.

It actually felt pretty freakin’ amazing!

Non-scale victory…uh, huh, oh yeah, woot woot!

I will peek at my weight again next Saturday just to see if I’ve balanced out.  If not, I will go in and adjust my program.  If I’m on a down swing, no weighing for a month!!  Yeah, a WHOLE month.

I have also tracked every single morsel I’ve eaten without concentrating too much on hitting a certain target.  Actually, that felt pretty good too.  I did worry when I had one really high calorie day but I also watched as my body naturally adjusted the next few days with a lower appetite.

Humm, maybe my body is smart…lol…and yes I am really laughing at that one.  The smart-ness of my body remains to be seen.

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