Week 20–It’s All On Me

I had a good week.  I really did.  I did a little work.  I had a bit of fun.

On the surface, I am patting myself on the back.  But the part of me who decided to be accountable has to say, “Whoa, girl not so fast.”

Here’s why:

  • I was in the zone with work and having so much fun that I let myself get dehydrated more than once.
  • I missed at least two days of thyroid medication.
  • When I caught myself forgetting, I did not load up my pill sorter so I wouldn’t forget.
  • I…can’t say “I forgot” because it’s worse when you didn’t think at all to go buy more selenium and Vitamin E supplements which I have found very helpful for my thyroid.  I’m talking it did not enter my purty little head even once.

Add all of that to Chinese food for lunch on Friday and I’m visibly bloated.

Technically the scale says I’m up four pounds but when the water retention is as obvious as it is I know the scale isn’t giving me the true story.

I can’t blame my thyroid or fibromyalgia for any of it either.

I have no excuse.

I blew it.


Even now as I’m sitting here looking back I cannot come up with any triggers for any of it.

The bottom line is I did not follow through with all the good things I know I need to do to keep my body humming in the right direction.

No drama.  No trauma.  I can’t even call it being lazy because I was anything but this week.  It wasn’t a case of being too busy either.  If anything, this week was normal.

Honestly, had I not been paying attention I would not have caught on to any of this, this quickly.  Okay, I would have noticed the water retention but I would not have been able to take an objective look at my week to uncover all those reasons why.

I would have thought my body hates me.


My body is sending me loving signals that I’m not as on track as I seem to be.

Thank you body.

I’m listening.


When I know better, I do better. ~ Me


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