Week 27–And So It Goes…

This week I had the wonderful pleasure of showing off some of the beauty of Utah to a friend who has never been here.  She is one of my writing sisters as well as a dear, cherished friend.  I loved her ooh’s and ahh’s.

Later that night I excitedly plugged in my BodyBugg to see my burn after all our walking.  For the day I burned 2893 calories!  Even with lunch out, I only ate 1854.  That’s a damn good day!

So walk with me to the bathroom scale the next morning as I was sure I would have at least lost something through sweat and imagine standing there blinking really hard when the scale showed I gained 1.6 pounds.


I would like to say I’m shocked but I really am not.

It was enough of a push for me to fill the diuretic prescription my doctor gave me.

It was enough for me to pull my “fat pants” out of the bottom drawer of my dresser to wear as I went to pick the medication up.

Thankfully, those pants are still wonderfully lose everywhere except across my hips where they weren’t tight but fit just right.  Which is also all wrong considering when I stopped wearing them over a year ago it was only my hips that were barely holding them on my body.


I know control is an illusion but I feel so out of control of my own body.

Sometimes, I just feel like giving up.

But, the thing I do know is if I still was not holding on to all of my good habits my weight would spiral upward even faster.  If I am doing nothing with my efforts but slowing the gain, then for now that needs to be enough.


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