Week 29.5–Another Endocrinologist

I mean really…Is there some class in medical school or when you’re taking your board certifications is there a course, “How to be a totally dismissive asshole?”


First he’s cheesed because my dr’s office didn’t jump when he told them to. Then he blows off every single issue that’s been going on practically my whole life. But then he orders 15 (yes, literally 15) tests just to show he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with anything other than bad genetics.

“But I’ve been wrong before…so just in case…but I really think they’re all coming back normal,” he says almost sing-songy.

Despite the fact it was a wonky lab value which sent me to him in the first place and apparently I’m just there to annoy him and because I have nothing better to do with my life.

However he did cover every single endocrinological base with the gold standard test for each which until today no doctor has ever bothered to do.

I asked, “What if they all come back normal?”

“I really think your best bet for a healthy weight is gastric bypass.”

Okay well throwing my already tantrum throwing body in a permanent state of malnutrition is a hell no.

Besides, I’ve already looked at weight loss surgery and IF it is my only hope then I’ve already decided on the vertical sleeve gastrectomy but then I’m back to being 200+ miles away from the nearest insurance-approved surgery center with a history of DVTs (deep vein thrombosis/blood clots) which is a part of why I didn’t go through with it two years ago (my thyroid was the other part).

The good news is this time hubs sat through the whole thing too so he understands better why my head is spinning off in 12 different directions and why I might not have any practical option but to go through with weight loss surgery.  He has seen his aunt and mom fail after weight loss surgery…but with the way those people eat it is no wonder…they do not use their new stomach as a tool, they do not exercise, they have not changed their eating habits.  But, I am not now nor have I ever been them and if weight loss surgery is my best chance at future health then I need to help him understand that.

I was a month away from weight loss surgery two years ago and pulled back while I figured out my thyroid.  If I step away from all the emotion of the day, I think my thyroid needs better attention to catch the times when levels rise and fall.  If I have made one mistake with it, it is not making sure I am being tested more than once a year.  I can change that.  I also think it would be with my doctor’s blessing.

Honestly, being forced into having to having weight loss surgery so far away from the surgeon does bother me.  It’s major surgery for heaven’s sakes.  After care is super important for weight loss surgery patients and I know that because I have done my due diligence to learn all I could about it.  I guess right this second, I’m too close to it to decide.  Good thing I don’t have to today.

Blood draw in the morning and then three nights of the saliva cortisol test at midnight, wait a week or so, and then possibly sitting through his smug, “I told you so.”

And then……I have some more decisions to make.


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