Week 30–Waiting. Still Waiting.

The only thing I know this week that I did not know last week is my finger is actually broken. As a writer, of course I am not entirely amused. Thankfully, I already own Dragon NaturallySpeaking so I can still be somewhat productive. I did have to replace my microphone headset because it mysteriously stopped working six or eight months ago.

As for everything else, weight loss and hormone related I know bupkis… And please…read that dripping with impatience, frustration, and outright irritation. I also had my sleep turned upside down all week staying up until midnight or later so I could do the cortisol saliva test. Generally speaking, I am a wee bit cranky.


I just decided to do nothing. No counting. No tracking. No recording. I did plug-in my BodyBugg just to keep it charged and when I did I really tried not to worry about the zeros where my calories should be or the step counts. Then yesterday I even forgot to put my BodyBugg back on and have not worried about it since.

I am in a mood people.

Sometimes it is good to know when to take a step back. And sometimes it is good to know when you are being self-destructive. Honestly right now it is probably a little bit of both. I am aware of it and I will pull myself back on track right but now I just need to be. For the past few days and for probably a few days more it is just going to be good enough.

(Yep, this is a day late…and that is also enough for this week.)


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