Week 31: Yes, I know it’s Wednesday

Here’s why I’m late….

On Saturday, my hubs and I bought house.

On Sunday we started packing.

On Monday, I fired a client for nonpayment.  She decided to go all stalker-psycho on me.  For the past two days she has been harassing me… Sheesh!

On Tuesday, and missed a call from endocrinologist office. Why do doctors think it’s okay to leave an, “Everything’s fine,” message.  this is my body I want the details of what you think “fine” means because for years I have been told I was  “fine” when I clearly was not. They have yet to return my call.  (A few hours later)  They did.  I swore.  Whatever.

It’s Wednesday morning.  (Oh look now it’s after 10 p.m. and I’m finally getting back to this.)My world is full of humidity and clouds–the kind in the sky and the kind in my head–and my hubs is rearing to go.  My body is screaming and I am trying not to.

Now as for my 31st week.

No BodyBugg.

No plan.

Ice cream.



LOST…5.4 pounds



I give up.




Rant aside, my endo did say my TSH is now 2.2.  It should be under 2.  However, I am sure the “magic” weight loss is as a result of my thyroid levels coming back to “normal.”  Confirmation I am the “only” human on the planet to GAIN weight with hyperthyroid levels (Yes, I know I’m not the only one…but I am the only one writing this blog and it feels lonely and insane to have gained 18ish pounds while hyperthyroid).


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