Week 34–Surprise

Slowly…very slowly…possessions are finding their place…the Hound Dog misses his Hound Dog couch…don’t judge, he’s very particular…the humans…well I’m sure we’ll get there eventually.  Finding this place was a huge surprise so we were caught off guard on multiple fronts.  Oh don’t get me wrong it’s a great surprise.

One of the best!!

I am a home owner!!

But, financially, the heat, my broken-likely-permanently damaged finger, the fact that the kid had no plans of keeping his old bed and not having the money to readily buy him a new one is the part of the surprise causing much frustration.

For extra fun, the lift gate of my PT Cruise came crashing down on my head last week hard enough to cause a concussion and render me totally unable to help was also an unexpected surprise.

Of course all this has lead me to think deeply on how easy it can be for all those little surprises of life to throw us into a tailspin.

How long do we spin?

Is spinning even necessary?

If it is, how do we make it stop?

Well I guess I shouldn’t have invited this….

Twelve hours ago I started this post.

About six hours ago the display driver fried out and now I’m blue screened.  Thank goodness for my netbook so I won’t have technology withdrawals on top of the raging assed migraine meds barely touched.

I was bitchy to my hubs.


He had it coming.

All week he’s been pestering me to the point I did not get my work done.  I wanted to take today totally off.  It’s been tense and stressful.  We needed a day to just not have anything going on.

But no.

And now I’m blue screened and migraining like a mo’ fo’ which is one of my classic tailspin symptoms.

So what am I doing?

I’m finishing this blog while watching The Daily Show on Hulu.



My brain needs endorphins.

Laughing creates them.

Jon Stewart guarantees them.

It’s not the approach most people would take.

Good thing I’m not over here trying to be most people.

I am here to show people…and myself….there is another way but you have to seek it.

Tailspin recovery mode activated.

Another Come to Jesus conversation  with hubs in the morning.  No, it’s not more bitching.  It’s a “Hey bud, you need to be taking my little bit of work and my life as seriously as you expect  me to take yours.”

The bottom line is the work is not done, my check will be half of what it should have been, plus whatever it is going to cost to get my computer up and running again.

Another 10 days to my care about the official restart….so I didn’t necessarily care about the giant bowl of store brand Cocoa Puffs to prime my tummy for my migraine meds that didn’t really help anyway.

Bloody hell…..

But…here’s the thing…surprises happen…good, bad, and blue screen…roll with them and when the migraine meds don’t work grab an ice pack and your favorite comedy.

Just don’t turn into a hateful, fearful, stressed out human being…because that’s only going to make you miserable…

But you have to make the choice to turn your anger and frustration toward something positive and uplifting.


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