Week 35–Warning: Contents May Have Settled

Folks, I’m a gonna try real hard to keep my brain from splattering all over the page…but WOWSERS…my mind and heart are really full right now.

I feel like that box of cake or muffin mix that has been banged and jostled to the point each fine grain is sticking to its neighbor.  Opening the package is not going to produce a gentle cascade but one giant clump.

So here’s where I am at accountability wise… We are still reeling financially from the move.  The move itself has been good to great but it has knocked everything in our financial world off kilter.  We will get everything figured out but it is going to take time.  Honestly, where food is concerned right now it’s not a matter of eating good food as much as it is having any food to eat.  And, whenever it is possible I make the best choice I can.  Right now, it is good enough.  I am grateful for food while wishing I had extra money for fresh vegetables and fruit.

One of the things I am congratulating myself about is is I’m not over here enjoying the empty, but cheap, carbs and the lack of veggies.  In fact, the first thing I can smell when I go to any store is the produce section.  Yes, the produce!  Even over freshly frying chicken and doughnuts, I’m ribbing my son saying, “Oh my gosh…Can you smell those carrots from here or what?” He just blinks at me slowly like I’m some sort of deranged mental patient.  The carrots are actually more than 10 feet away but I can smell those babies like a bloodhound on the hunt.  Earthy.  Sweet.  Fresh.  Delicious!

Then there’s this other thing that may or may not be happening on Wednesday.  I haven’t shared it before and had planned to today but $150 for new brakes on my hubs work truck means it is in very real jeopardy of not happening.  I’m sad and honestly a little mad.  It isn’t his fault or the truck’s fault but at the same time this thing has been planned for almost two months and there’s a very narrow window of opportunity.  That I might miss it is just knotting me up inside.  I am not sure how to deal with it mostly because I am holding out hope for a miracle.  Clear as mud, right?  Right.

Furthermore, my restart was timed with this mystery moment but with our financial picture not shaking out the way I had hoped it might not be wise to put myself under that sort of pressure right now.


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