Week 41…What A Difference A Year Makes!!!

This week has been all about letting myself gently look back to this time a year ago.  You see it was mid-October when the first wisps of thyroid rebellion were showing up in my life.

Tomorrow is actually the one year anniversary of my lowest weight since fibromyalgia joined my life.  On 20 October 2015 I weighed 239.2 which was just 2.6 pounds above my pre-fibromyalgia, pre-Lyrica, pre-Cymbalta weight.  Getting to that number was a huge milestone and I was almost there.

And then…

My body…


To a….



But in my eternal quest to be transparent…

I can now see…





Shit.  Really.  Dammit.  Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Look here’s proof from last year’s blog:

“Seriously, thyroid.”

“You’re throwing a hissy fit because taking 180 mgs of Armour all at once was making you all sorts of twitchy and hyper???????? so I decided to be nice to you and split the dose?????”

“Bitch please.,,whyyyyyyyyyyyyy do you have to be so damned temperamental.”

There it is…The one teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy thing I changed was asking my doctor to call in 60, 90 milligram tablets so I can more easily split my dose to keep from feeling hyperthyroid.


That’s it.

That’s all it takes.

One tiny little toe out of line and the hormones go flying everywhere and the scale just laughs at me.

About three weeks ago, I stopped taking my 180 mgs all at once and started splitting my dose in an attempt to keep my body from being HYPERthyroid in the morning and dead in the afternoon.

Well will you look at that…This was posted 12 October 2015.

But I can be somewhat kind to myself for missing it.

What is “IT”???????

IT is the fact that my INSANE–Oh look there’s that word again–body GAINS weight when it has too much thyroid medication.

How do I know I was getting too much?

Allow me to redirect you to the last bolded paragraph because there it is in strong black…I was feeling “HYPERthyroid in the morning”.

Oh HELL!!!!!!!!!

I’ve never been full on HYPERthyroid and since it’s supposed to induce weight loss I never considered the possibility that myyyyyyyyy bodyyyyyyyyyy just HAS to be different.


I have been floundering for a whole year with these extra 21ish pounds…A WHOLE YEAR.

However, now that I think we’re on the right dose my body has randomly started losing again.  I say randomly because I’m not really doing much to force the issue.

I haven’t Carb Cycled since I, and hundreds of other people, caught a huge mistake on the official Carb Cycling Facebook page that the Powell’s not only refused to correct but defended when there is no substantiating evidence to support the claim.  It was a huge letdown for me personally and I know it impacted many of their followers.

I’m also not exercising in the traditional sense of the word.  I mean I do move every single day because I know it is good for me but I am not “exercising”.

But, here’s the other thing I see…

I have also stuck in there trying to figure it out.

It wasn’t until July that I bothered to have blood work and was in a state of utter disbelief when the results did show I was HYPERthyroid.  After some research, I learned it is rare to gain weight while there is too much thyroid hormone coursing through your veins.

This is me…so of course.

In a weird way, I am not the least bit surprised…I am weird like that.

Between my broken finger, buying a house, the move, the recovery from the move, and all the other ‘minor’ life moments, it does feel like my body is starting to be back on track again.

I hate these 21 extra pounds…with a vengeance so it is time for them to go.

I am grateful for blogging and having tenacity and for believing in the “impossible” and for course corrections, do overs, and moving forward.

The Year of Accountability

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