Week 43–Missed It By (This) Much

I said goodbye to my really great, really helpful doctor on Tuesday but it wasn’t by choice.  He decided to take a position with the Air Force.

I got him back for leaving me though.  I made him cry.  In my whole life, I have never had a doctor so interested in working WITH me and so I told him what that meant to me.

He left me with orders to repeat my thyroid labs in two more months and a year’s worth of prescription refills.  Now, I can only cross my fingers that his replacement is just as wonderful.  If he’s not, my back up plan is to strong-arm the nurse practitioner because now that I have learned all these things about my body and my thyroid I am not about to backslide just because some M.D. is a little to full of himself to accept what has been and is working for my body.


Now that I have gotten that bit of unpleasantness out of the way I am very pleased to announce I saw one of those benchmark weights on the scale this week and I am back down to a real number again (meaning I have very little evidence of water retention).

261.1 is not a great number but I have fought like hell to see it again so I am proud of the fight.

261.1 puts me back into the Lyrica and Cymbalta weight gain territory so now I am battling those pounds…again.  But this time, I really do think it will be for the last time.

261 is where I topped out when I stopped taking those ridiculous drugs.  One-tenth of a pound away.

Now my journey is reclaiming my body from them and from pre-fibromyalgia weight…again…I was almost there when my thyroid pooped out last year.  Less than three pounds away.  It felt so cruel.

Today I am armed with a fresh understanding of how my thyroid disease works and I know I am not going to let it happen again.

Now…today…1 November 2015…Is a new journey.  I have a new line in the sand to step over.

I feel empowered…and it feels good.IMG_4701


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