Week 47–Celebrating My Non-Normalcy

Sometimes having a body hell bent on not following the rules is a blessing in disguise.  While most people are bemoaning a little scale creep in the upward direction, I am happy dancing at a downward wiggle to the tune of 8/10ths of a pound.

To me holiday food events are not an excuse to gorge.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I eat!!!  I even have pie for breakfast the morning after Thanksgiving and Christmas or pretty much any other pie making event BUT when I do have pie for breakfast the rest of my day looks like any other on my non-normal weight loss journey.

self-controlOne of the other things I am grateful for is my healthier relationship with food.  I enjoy not being afraid of a holiday spread.  Thanksgiving is one meal…just a meal.  Sure it is different than the meal on any other random day of the year but it isn’t the one I need to worry about.

The best use of my energy is on the other meals of the year when I am too tired, busy, or stressed to make sure  I am serving the best, most delicious, and satisfying meal I can.

Honestly, I am more likely to overeat a bland and boring meal than I am an excellent meal which hits all the right notes.  My body really would rather be satisfied by spice and flavor than be left searching for satiety so I am also grateful I know that about myself too.

For me, flavor is more important than food.

Sharp cheddar is not the same as mild cheddar, for example.  I have actually known for a long time but thanks to this journey I am putting it into words for the first time.

Food aside I did not make it to the gym even once this week.  I did try to go one day and managed to interrupt the yoga class in session.  I just forgot to check the schedule, darn it!  But with all the shopping, cleaning, cooking, and cleaning I did enough most days to actually feel it so it wasn’t like I was fully slacking.

I am also doing better with water.  I tried a couple of infusions.  A strip of orange peel was a no but five blueberries was a hit.  My big struggle is spacing my fluids better.  I have my water first thing so I can take my thyroid meds and then two cups of coffee but then several hours go by before I bother to even think about a beverage.  I can do better!

Overall good with room for improvement…on a crazy busy holiday week I am totally okay with it.





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