Week 48–Oh Whatever!!!

Sometimes on the journey to a better life, life happens.  How you roll with those life happens moments determines your ability to stay true to your goals.

Last Thursday night, my ISP decided to cancel my service.  They said they had a termination order for the account.  I did not generate such a thing.  The account is in good standing but they shut me down anyway.

Did that give me tons of extra time to go to the gym?


Did I go to the gym at all?


Am I worried that my ability to roll with it is damaged?

Honestly a little but I had already planned to spend Friday on a mini-road trip with my hubs and my gym isn’t open on weekends (small town, owner operator) so I can cut myself so slack through the weekend.  Monday and Tuesday, however, was me having a total attitude problem.

Let me pause for a second to say…there’s more going on that I’m not telling you…And…I’m having some writing stress with the company I freelance for…which leads me to Wednesday…

This post was nearly finished on Wednesday morning.  It is now late Thursday afternoon and here I am again trying to steal a few minutes to get my own writing done.  Speaking of done, I am.  Done writing for them that is…just as soon as I can replace the small income I’m bringing in.

I did, however, have Quest protein peanut butter cups for breakfast and didn’t feel the least bit guilty about it.  So, I am making conscious choices while my non-health world needs to be lots less of my consciousness.  My balance is off…again.

It happens.

A lot.

But, I’m slowing tipping it back to what’s most important to me and that’s the part we all have to get very good at if we’re going to meet our health goals.  Life is going to take the reins but we can reach out and snatch them back and that makes all the difference.

Make your own difference.

No one is going to do it for you.

I got this…and so do you.

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