Week 49–On Finding Joy In The Journey

This week…I am glad its over.  Too much stress and drama for my liking.

A few weeks back–I didn’t announce it–but I made a conscious commitment to ending the year mindfully.  I did so because I was starting to live for the future.  I knew I needed to reign myself in and keep myself grounded.  The horizon of a new year looms and with it some big changes will come to my life so I wanted to make sure I was enjoying the passage of time rather than living for the future.

There have been a few words and phrases come to mind:

Carpe Diem
Joy In The Journey
One Day At A Time
Embracing Change
Living For Now

There are a lot of reasons why these words are coming to mind.  I promise you all will be revealed in due course but for now I have a question for you:

Are you enjoying your life?

I’m talking the whole journey people…even the parts you don’t like, that aren’t going your way, and even the ones you are not sure how you will survive.

Are you enjoying your moments?

No, I am not saying every moment is going to be sunshine and daisies or you should have a perma-grin or even pretend everything is hunky-dory.  I am talking about when a stressful moment descends are you working on finding enjoyment in your journey.

Are you living with the goal of having an enjoyable life?

We all have hard lessons.

We all have difficult moments.

We all have times of stress, grief, pain, sadness, worry, and/or confusion but not all of us can step back and say they find their life pleasurable.

My week was poo.  Poo times two.


After I worked through the moments of shock and awe, my thoughts turned to directing my life back to my normal state…which is joy.

Again, not every moment is bliss but my goal is finding my joy in my moments of my life.

What does this have to do with weight loss, fibromyalgia, and Hashimoto’s Disease and being disabled by them plus a few other conditions?

Only everything.

Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s will rule my life and steal my joy whenever they please.  As they affect my body and my weight, I have to work extra hard to find, to create, to design a life I can love.

Where all these things are so far out of my control at times, I know I am always in control of how I feel about them…and that is where the joy comes.

I have three more weeks of this Year of Accountability left and I have made much peace with my journey and if that peace is something I can share with you then I hope as you read this you feel a warm hug from me to you.


Our first sunrise at sea…this picture and the others in the group has become one of my rocks this year.  Even right now I can close my eyes and feel the magic of pressing my body over the balcony to get the best shot.  There is great peace, boundless joy in sea breezes…definitely one of my most joyful moments of the year.


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