Week 50–look, Look, LOOK

Midweek had the hubs and I out and about.  We were at one of normal stops when I smacked his arm and said, “look, Look, LOOK.”  The focus of my excitement was the manager of the facility, who I shall call Shannon for our purposes here.  I’m pretty sure that’s not her real name but I cannot honestly be sure since I do not know her personally.

Shannon looked amazing!

She’s lost at least 100 pounds.

She’s also one of the few people in my world with thighs larger than mine.  She’s been losing weight for some time so I always try to catch glimpses of her progress.

On that midweek day, her legs were tiny–and by ‘tiny’ I mean normal sized and not excessively small.  I almost cried.  If I had they would be tears of joy and hope and not envy.

She was wearing a cute off white long sleeve pullover, jeans with two-color bold stitching and blingy pockets; and finished her outfit off with caramel hued pointy toed heels.

I’m smacking my hubs on the arm, “look, Look, LOOK…I want it all…The whole thing…the hips, the thighs, the JEANS, the SHOES…all of it.”

Shannon’s a hip-y girl like me and she still had hips but those thighs were so tiny her jeans floated over them.  In that moment, it all felt possible.

I wanted to run up to her and hug her and tell her proud I am of her.  I’m not proud of her because she’s skinny…I am proud of her because I know how painful her legs were.  Sometimes, I noticed her wince as she walked and it’s a walk I know all too well.  I’m proud of her for changing her health.  But, like I said she’s the manager at a place we frequent and not someone I know so I’m floating my gratitude to the universe.  Shannon, gives me hope.  She inspires me without even really knowing who I am.

Since hubs and I were on our way for another appointment with the Las Vegas specialist, I needed to see Shannon that day.  On that day I suspected the doc was planning more testing and I was right.  Without seeing Shannon, I might have been disappointed by the results of the appointment.  Instead, I left with peace and hope for my journey.

Here’s the moral to this story–at least as I see it–we all need to be inspired.

Sometimes we are lucky to be close to the source and sometimes we watch from afar but it doesn’t really matter as long as we come away feeling, “Yeah, I can do that!”

Right now, when I close my eyes I dream of my future with my own blingy jeans and pointy toe shoes.

Hope…it’s beautiful.

Brown Shoes

Image from Ebay, used without permission.


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