Week 52–The End

My Year of Accountability has come to a close.  All along the way I tried to not think about ‘the end’ because I did not want to give myself ideas about what the year should be.  Allowing it to happen as organically as possible was both hard and important for me.  You see one of my big health-diet-weight-loss problems is I want a body which responds to deadlines–cut 500 calories, lose 1 pound–but I do not possess such a body.

Part of this Year of Accountability has been me doing all the internal work to find a resolution between what I want and what my body will give me.  I’ll be entirely honest and admit I may never fully resolve this simply because I also have multiple chronic medical conditions and I have big dreams.  So I have decided on of the best things I can do to be Accountable to Me is to continue walking the, sometimes, fragile tightrope between living the life I want and living the life my body is able.


I am not without hope.  Along the way I have found some good resources to help me transition from Accountability to action.

In fact, I have decided this is not the end of The Year of Accountability as much as it is the beginning.

After much deliberation, I have decided this new year is…

The Year of Probability

You’ve likely heard the Emily Dickinson quote:

“Dwell in possibilities.”

No offense to Miss Emily but I am done with possibilities.   Building my edifice in possibility land is only a source of great frustration for me.  I am a firm believer in “Everything is possible.”  However, when it comes to my body and weight loss specifically that ‘everything’ contains too many variables.  One of the things I learned about myself is this belief has been standing in my way.  I cannot go off chasing the latest eating plan or workout program because the truth is everything has given me some level of success.  This year is about eliminating possibilities and variables in favor of probabilities.

I promise this is not an exercise in semantics.  If you understand language including the language of mathematics then you know there is a great chasm between possible and probable.

I made the leap…


The farthest mountains are the peaks of Zion National Park.  From my exact spot on the Earth there are literally dozens of ways to get from where I stand to where I can stand with those mountains.  There are roads I know and roads I have yet to discover so it does not really matter which one I take as long as I am willing to meet the road and make the journey.  Of the roads I know, the shortest distance happens to be nearly a straight line but it also happens to be the road less traveled because it is without convenience and indoor plumbing.  It also happens to be my favorite way to get there.  Honestly, until this very moment I did not even realize how much more enjoyable that road less traveled is to me.  Here’s to roads less traveled…because sometimes they are the shortest.