No, despite evidence to the contrary, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth or my mission to seek and experience what ‘Weighing Healthy’ means to me.  Yes, it has been a whole month since my last post and with most absences there is a reason:

I’m back-building.


You’re confused…

Allow me to explain.

In weather terms, ‘back-building‘ occurs when a thunderstorm begins gaining strength on the upwind side.  It creates a visual illusion of making little forward progress when in fact it is building in a backward direction hence the term.  Back-building thunderstorms are deceiving to the naked eye especially if you are looking at the leading edge.

Back-building thunderstorm

See how from this side angle you can see the storm building backward.  Imagine if you changed the perspective and only looked at it from the front…there’s no way you could see this energy so you would underestimate its power.  Image courtesy of Weather Underground; used without permission.

Frankly there is no more perfect word, hyphenated or otherwise, in the whole lexical universe to describe my life right now.

I am back-building…

Not because I am trying to deceive you or avoid my usual transparency but sometimes a girl just needs a little ‘me time’ for the journey ahead.

Translation:  I am brewing something big and I’m not quite ready to unleash it yet.

(Okay that’s not completely true…I am actually building a couple of big things but one is going to happen a lot sooner than the others.)



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