Status Update

Humm, I haven’t been too sure how to handle posting my progress.  For me, it’s complicated.  You see I do NOT have a weight loss goal.  I am NOT a number.  The scale will never again define me or my success.

This journey is about health.

Being emotionally dependent on the scale is not healthy.


My personal goal is simple: A healthy body fat percentage.

Since I am a woman in my 40s that is a range between 7 and 32-percent.

A RANGE!!!!  Not a single destination!!!!

Fortunately, my surgeon also believes weight loss goals are dangerous little numbers to be clinging to.

He says, “I just want you to be healthy…in all the ways you should be.”  I swear I coulda kissed him!

But, the other side is the whole point of weight loss surgery is…umm, like, weight loss and since you cannot lose body weight without losing body fat percentage (Okay, you can but that’s a long convoluted explanation and not the point of what I’m doing here) they sorta go hand in hand.

So here goes…

Morning of surgery: weight 259.5, body fat % 43.9
Two days post-op: 262.4 (Yep, my Hashimoto’s body GAINED weight in the hospital..all fluid, of course but c’mon body…REALLY????????????????  I held no grand illusion that my body would magically behave like normal but I wasn’t exactly fully prepared for a 5.2 pound gain so soon post-op.)
One week post-op: 245
Scale change from two days post op: 17. 4
Body fat change: 0.8% (For a explanation of how body fat loss is calculated check this out)

And because this journey is more than numbers…

Non-Scale Victories:

I put on a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in….umm, so long hubs and I can’t remember exactly but we’re thinking TWO YEARS AGO!!!!  I even wore them for a few hours.  I could have worn them all day but my belly is still tender from surgery making waistbands uncomfortable.

I WORE CUTE SOCKS!!!!  With my severe edema, I have been limited to hideous black knee high compression socks for the most part unless of course I wanted to suffer the wrath of gaining water in the name of fashion.  Not only did I wear cute socks but I had virtually zero imprint on my ankles at the end of the day.  I honestly think what imprint there was, was more from my shoe than my body simply because I still had ankles at the end of the day.  I’d say it’s been 3+ years since I’ve been able to wear this particular pair of lime green no-show ankle socks.

I can SEE myself shrinking.  It’s generally noticeable all over but the biggest “WOW” moment is on my back of all places.  That little chub of bra-line fat us big girls get is visibly flatter.

I feel GREAT!!!!  I feel like I had surgery, of course, but otherwise I feel really great.



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