Spa Day…Ahh!

I am taking a few hours this morning to pamper myself.  Honestly, it’s been a long time…too long…since I indulged so completely.

And, yes…I do mean hours.

On today’s spa menu:

Hot oil hair conditioning treatment
Bentonite clay facial
Pedicure with pretty polish (See note below)
Victoria’s Secret lotion (but not everywhere the scents are so strong…lol)
Full hair and makeup
Cute outfit and accessories


Because I’m worth it.

And, the last few weeks have been dramatic.

Post-op has also meant I have been schlepping around the house in baggy clothes and my beloved cotton candy pink Crocs (yep, I’m a huge fan) so I need to take the time to remember someday soon my belly won’t be tender and it’s okay to wear ‘real’ clothes.  Besides, Easter’s next weekend and we’re having a picnic with some of my hubs family and weather permitting I’m wearing sandals so I can take them off and stick my toes in the bright Spring grass.

Plus, the hot oil treatment is great for my hair.  It won’t prevent hair loss but a healthy scalp and supple hair is going to survive much better than if I just sit here doing nothing on this fine Saturday morning.

I also do not want to get so caught up in this new chapter of my weight loss journey that I lose sight of the fact that there is so much more to the journey than the numbers on the scale.

The Weighing Healthy thing to do is to take care of my whole body.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to pamper yourself?

If that’s hard for you to do…Here…

I give YOU permission to pamper…Now GO!

How To Hot Oil:

  1. GENTLY!!!! warm olive or coconut oil. 
  2. Brush hair well and section long hair for easier application.
  3. Massage oil into scalp and work out to tips one section at a time
  4. Cover with plastic cap
  5. Soak for at least one hour
  6. If desired, periodically warm head with hair dryer (usually necessary in the winter)
  7. Shampoo and condition as normal with QUALITY products…post WLS is no time for cheap hair care products that damage anyone’s hair.  Love your hair and it will love you back.
  8. Style as desired or do something totally crazy and unexpected for heaven’s sake because life is way too short for boring, dull, drab, lifeless hair!!!!
  9. In the spirit of Step 8, I decided to abandon the toe polish for today and work in some temporary purple streaks into my hair.
  10. ***Note…I keep a bottle of olive oil in my bathroom cabinet.  To use I heat water in a measuring cup in the microwave and then plop the bottle in for 15 or so minutes before use.  REMEMBER if the oil bottle is glass to temper it under running water first so you don’t have a hot oil explosion on your hands.  Heavy commercial plastic bottles should be thick enough to not melt using this method but I have never tried it.  I avoid plastics wherever possible.

In the interest of full disclosure, I had this post finished yesterday (Saturday) and just wanted to let it sit before posting.  Of course, obviously, I got busy making ‘Cabo San Lucas Day’ Kahula Rice Pudding and chicken soft tacos with homemade pico de gallo and rounded out with cheesy refried beans and fresh creamy avocado because now it’s Sunday morning and I’m just putting the finishing touches on this post.

What’s ‘Cabo San Lucas Day’?

One year ago my hubs and I were on a whale watching boat in the Sea of Cortez soaking up the sun and spray from some gorgeous Grey whales.  The experience so affected us we created our own holiday.

Even though I won’t be released to solid food until Monday you’d better believe I ate my little pile of spiced chicken, refried beans and fresh avocado and remembered Mexico with all my senses. And, my tummy loved it better than those sickeningly sweet, syrupy feeling protein shakes.

The rice pudding is still in the fridge but will likely make its way to the trash.  Hubs said I put too much Kahula in the pudding so he wouldn’t eat it.  I don’t ‘need’ it…I wanted to make it for and share it with hubs.  Since that didn’t happen, then I have to ask myself why would I want to eat it.  I don’t necessarily.  I mean it’s delish but it’s also a dish of mostly empty calories.  Throwing it away is also a huge step and feels like the right thing to do.


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