33-Percent, Possibly?

Today I make another journey to Las Vegas to see my surgeon.  It’s my two-week post-op appointment.  It’s the last time I will see him until June.

Yesterday, however, I was a snarling, bitchy mess of a human being.  I was mean and angry when I’m rarely so.

Water weight.  Puffy fingers and ankles  and having to take Lasix coupled with feeling let down by my body will do it every time.  Hey, I’m human.  But, I do owe my hubs another apology.

I also weighed more than I did last week at my IV infusion appointment so I was dreading, dreading, dreading facing my surgeon.

“But, I’ve been being good,” I whimpered as I stepped off the scale.

Yes, I weigh daily because I can gain up to 20lbs of water in less than 24 hours without ‘feeling’ it.  Daily weigh-ins can be emotional but for me they are also an extremely necessary tool.

The scale revealed my body is still up to her same ol’ tricks.  My TSH is a wee bit high so wee bit that my doctor didn’t want to change medications just yet.  Umm, nope buddy. So on Wednesday he and I are going to have a meeting of the minds about how to move forward.  For my whack-a-doddle thyroid too much medication means water retention and snarling, bitchiness.  I’m convinced my body can only do one thing at a time.  Retain water OR lose weight.  I’m not going to spend the next three months battling…

But, I digress (I don’t want this to be a thyroid rant)…

So, I took the dammed-able Lasix like a good lil’ girl…Oh how I hate the stuff…the doc and I are going to work on that too and POOF the puffy disappears and a little weight loss is revealed.  And, yes I do believe it is actual weight loss because I also took my measurements over the weekend.  So far I have lost 9.5 inches.

When I put my weight into MyFitnessPal it gave me a little congratulatory message…

You Have Lost 24 Pounds



I’ve done what?

I honestly didn’t believe it so I pulled out my calculator and started doing the math myself.

Whoa….dude….(lots of stunned, hard blinking)!

Now since I do not have nor will I ever again have a goal weight, I let myself go back to this post which followed an appointment with an endocrinologist for some perspective.

If I use the calculations from that endocrinologist for an appropriate weight for me, then I am just slightly over 33-percent of the way to that weight.


Since I don’t have a goal weight that percentage isn’t really real but I needed the shot of perspective.

But, I’m NOT about a number on the scale.  But, I am all about keeping my wits about me through this journey and yesterday I stunk it up big time in that regard.

Reaching 30-percent body fat, that’s my real goal.  Then my plan is to assess my body and health from there.  If I can whittle my body fat down while being fully, wholly, head-to-toe, inside-out healthy well then that would be awesome sauce.  If I can’t, then I will have more mental work to do either on my own or with a professional.  Losing myself in the numbers is simply not part of my plan.  It’s why I work extremely hard to make sure I’m keeping it as real as possible along the way.

Thanks to all these checks and balances I’ve set up for myself I can walk into my surgeon’s office with my head held high.

I could be 1/3 of the way to my vision of a healthy body and that is worth a smile or two.




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