Holy Amazeballs!!!

It’s going to happen tomorrow! TOMORROW I’M GOING TO BE IN THE 220s. 230.1 just 10 minutes ago.

2007…2007 was the last time I was there. Without telling you a really long depressing story (who wants that at 5:50 a.m.), I was 221.6 on 11/13/2007 and even typing this out I’m blinking really hard in amazement that there are only 8.5 pounds between me and that number again. I’ve been fighting for it ever since I lost it because getting there in the first place was a huge battle.

That makes 4.6 so far this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part of that battle I was talking about was me not even losing that much in six months of doing everything I could do, counting everything I could count, sweating everything I could sweat. I’m so grateful for the journey because I learned so much. But, I’m even more grateful I’m finally reaping some rewards.

220s…Yeah, that’s happening!!!!!!!!

PS…I really hate the word ‘amazeballs’ but I cannot deny it’s the word I’m feeling this morning.  The writer in me will cringe later…and I’ll tell her to shut up 🙂

UPDATE…It didn’t happen this morning.  And, it’s all my fault.  I didn’t realize before I showered yesterday afternoon that I was out of clean compression socks.  Hubs already had the washer going so I didn’t even bother to sort my laundry….and ENDED UP FORGETTING until the moment I crawled in bed.  No compression means I’m taking on water like the Titanic.  I’m up 7/10 of a pound.  I was super good yesterday so I know it’s just water and this isn’t the first time this has happened.  I thought about crawling out of bed to get the used pair on the top of the hamper but I decided that was yucky.  It’s not yucky now…it’s frustrating, annoying, and really disappointing.  And, I chose it so I gotta own it.

Note to self: Always choose used compression socks over no compression socks when you’re actually expecting to weigh less the next morning than you did the morning before.


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