How Much Does A Day Matter?

Since my last post, I’ve been working with my nutritionist to figure out why my weight loss was slowing/stopping. I am extremely diligent so there should be no excuse. But when the scale’s been taunting me it’s been rough.
Thankfully, instead of holding on to all that past pile of failure I reached out to my nutritionist. Thankfully, we’ve also had enough interaction for her to have confidence in me. We’re even partnering on a project so I can find confidence knowing she wouldn’t consider it if she thought I didn’t know my stuff, nutritionally speaking.
We found the cause. It took us exactly three emails over the course of half a day.
BOOM…Just like that there was the sneaky little culprit.  The one thing that looks good, that even follows her nutritional guidelines but also happens to a stop sign for my body.
This ‘never in a million years’ thing has been screwing with my head.  I’ve been dancing to this tune for over a decade. Things go great and then something happens. Worse when I’ve tried to explain it to doctors they just end up thinking I’m a liar or crazy or both.
But you know what…I have kept fighting.
I won’t quit on my body.  I won’t rest on the laurels of past progress when today’s is non-existent.  No matter what my body has thrown at me I keep trying to hit back. I have kept fighting to figure it out.
This time I let go of the worry and I let myself have confidence in my relationship with my nutritionist. I also let myself have confidence in my sleeve’s ability to do great work. Things are different now. Not only do I have a sleeve but I have a whole new relationship with my body.  A sleeve gastrectomy is the right tool for my body.  I have absolute confidence in that so when my weight loss slowed/stopped I knew it was something I changed.  
So what was the “it” creating all the problems?
Lunch meat.
Specifically, the preservatives in the lunch meat.
It’s the only new, non-natural food I’ve added to my diet. It’s getting hot here so it’s been nice to have an easy, cold protein on hand. And it’s just lunch meat and protein so it’s good, right? Maybe for some people but not for MY body.
It’s only been since Saturday since we figured it out so it’s going to take my guts a little bit to get back on track.
In addition to no longer ingesting those chemicals, we’re changing my probiotic and adding some other supplements to improve my digestion and gut function.  If my guts are this sensitive then I still have some gut healing to do.
Healthy guts are the key to healthy body.
Fat loss is ultimately a gut and digestive function.  From your saliva to your liver to the very microbes living in your intestines the metabolic changes which produce fat loss happen only when your digestion and gut function is healthy.

If you’re not losing weight, something is off.  Period.

If you’re doing the work but the results are not appropriate for the effort your are exerting, something is off.  Period.

You are NOT being too hard on yourself so do not let anyone get inside your head and make you feeling back for your ‘gut instinct’ that something is not working quite right.  That gut instinct should be a clue.  Guts are brilliant!  They tell you things about your health all the time.
So I lost a whole week BUT I didn’t stop trying.

I didn’t even stop when people told me to “chill” or to not be so “hard” on myself because I could feel ‘a change’ in my body but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was or how to fix it.

Back to only eating food I cook myself.

It’s a pain in the ass when life is busy or I’m tired but it matters to my progress so….FORWARD I GO!!!

If you are struggling, it can be something as little as lunch meat which is setting up that struggle.
You’re not crazy, I promise, but your guts are talking to you so I’m going to promise you if you listen you won’t have to struggle so much.
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4 thoughts on “How Much Does A Day Matter?

  1. Thanks for posting. I have been in a stall for three weeks and I cant figure out why but I as well have been enjoying lunch meat almost daily since I have been approved for it. I am going to bring this up next week at my appointment.

    • You are SO welcome!!! My personal opinion is our post-op bodies take in so little food that the chemicals in our food probably have a greater impact. I can already feel my body coming back to where it was 10 days ago. TMI but even my bowel habits are returning to their post-op new normal. I’m encouraged!!!

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