Reality Check…Because Sometimes Weight Loss Will Eat Your Brain If You Let It

Last night I was goofing around and decided to figure out my daily weight loss since surgery. I’m stuck in a thyroid medication change stall…sigh…I don’t think we got it right this time but have to wait at least until 5 Sept to have another blood draw…grrr!!!! And you’d better believe it’s already programmed into my phone to be waiting at the doctor’s office when they open so they can take my blood…not that I think I would actually forget or anything.
Anyway, I actually prepared myself to be disappointed as I did the math because my efforts have not be rewarded since we changed my medication and there’s precisely zip I can do but wait…and make good choices, of course.
Do you want to know what my average DAILY weight loss is?
.36 POUNDS or 5.82 OUNCES
PER DAY!!!!!
Do you know what my weekly averages were before weight loss surgery?
.25 pounds or 4 ounces a WEEK and that came with long stalls (my longest was not quite 13 months) and so much more work than I’m doing now. Like I used to be seriously giddy to lose ounces a week. I remember weeks feeling like I was queen of the world to lose a half of a pound. On the few weeks when I lost a pound and the even fewer when I lost two pounds in the same week I was over the moon.
For over 10 years, this was my reality (It’s been 14 years since I started my healthy body journey but the few years when I was going through my chronic health diagnoses I wasn’t trying at all).
New reality…5.82 ounces per day!!!! Less than most meals.
Whoa!!! That’s frickin’ cool!!!
In case you need a reality check too:
To figure ounces per day….
Weight loss in pounds multiplied by 16 (the number of ounces in a pound), Take the total number of ounces and divide by the number of days it’s been since your surgery.
To figure pounds per day…
Pounds lost divided by number of days since surgery.
We all have those moments when we’re feeling like we’re not losing fast enough or we’re stuck in a stall and it can eat your brain if you let it.  Don’t let it!
The scale, and the number thereon, is not the end all be all of who you are.
It is an unfortunate measuring device that does not always speak the full truth.
I was nervous to do this but Holy Banana Tummy Batman this ended up being a HUGE reality check for me.
5.82 ounces per day…What the WHAT!!!!!
Now back to reality and the checking…
I know I’ll need to hold on to this as I sit here waiting for pages of the calendar to turn, for the lab results to come back, for the doctor and I to discuss them, for the pharmacy to fill the new prescription, and for at least another month to repeat this process all over again to make sure we’ve made the right adjustment…I am not a naturally patient woman…I’m going to need all the help I can get to endure potentially two more months of frustration…Sigh…someone give me a hammer!!!!

August Goals: Be The Moon

My August plan is rather simple: Be The Moon.

No, I’m not sleep deprived.

Wait, yes I am but I thought of this before I woke up at 2 a.m.  So ppbbbttt!

Be the moon?  What does that mean?

The moon seems so mystical and mysterious but she’s really not.  She hangs out in the sky doing her job.  She orbits the Earth and in doing so she pulls the tides.  Her consistency is so predictable you can time her efforts.  The moon is never frittering around with things that don’t matter.  She knows her place in the Universe and she does her job.  Simple.

Be the moon!!!  I can do that.  I know the work.  I know I can do it.

Here’s how I am going to be the moon…

Liquids, minimum 80oz
Protein, minimum 70g
Fiber, minimum 20g
Supplements, daily
Prescriptions, daily
Movement, daily

That’s my job as a post-op weight loss surgery patient anyway, right?  Yes, right!

If I just produce my average results, I could hit 199.9 by the end of August.

But…199.9 is not my goal.

My goal is to be consistent.  Like the moon.

When I do it, goals are crushed.

That damned ol’ scale will fall but I don’t need to arrive at the end of the month at the same time as a particular number.  The number will happen…as long as I am consistent so the more predictable and moon-like I become the faster I’ll get to see it.  It’s not a race, however, it’s a commitment to doing all the little things.

Excuse me while I put myself into orbit…