A Love Letter To My Sleeve

Dear Sleevey Weevey,

I seriously love you!  I really want you to know that and how much I appreciate all the hard work you do for me each and every day.  I know I have been pretty grumpy lately so this is me apologizing.  If I know one thing about friendships, I know what it is like to be the friend who is always there but gets taken for granted.  I am deeply sorry I have been treating you that way.  This is me making a promise to you that I will be better at giving you the credit you deserve.  You are really amazing and I really want you to know I do appreciate you and your place in my life.  You have saved me from so much and inspired me to so much so it’s high time I give you the thanks you not only deserve but have earned.

All my love,


This love letter was inspired by learning yesterday my TSH has shot up to 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For you non-thyroid peeps a normal TSH is between 0.5-2.5.

With the thyroid it’s all opposite land.  A TSH over 2.5 means your thyroid is slow and a TSH lower than 0.5 means your thyroid is running too fast.  As you can see, thyroid health has a very narrow, and for me personally an elusive, optimal zone.

But a 15!!!!!!!!!!

I have not had a TSH that high since before my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis diagnosis in 2012.

Two months ago my TSH was running slightly too fast at 0.15.


What inspired the drastic shift?

Well, honestly when I found out the copper in my multivitamins was pooling in my blood my NUT switched me to copper-free–read super expensive–vitamins so I needed to start a generic desiccated/natural thyroid product to balance the cost.

Since desiccated thyroid brands vary quite a bit I was mentally prepared for the dosage to be incorrect.  I was thinking maybe a TSH of 5 or 6 so when the doctor said 15 I nearly fell on the floor.

After the initial shock wore off, I started thinking back to all the other moments–the many, many, many moments–my thyroid has gone whack-a-doodle.

The last time–the time that inspired me to stomp my foot and demand weight loss surgery–was October 2014.

Earlier in 2014, I applied to be on Chris Powell’s Extreme Makeover.  I did not make it past my audition but I was successfully applying carb cycling and had been having the most rewarding weight loss experience of my life–30 pounds since January 2014.  October rolled around and my body flipped the switch and by Christmas I had gained all 30 pounds back while strictly adhering to the exact same things I had been doing for 10 months to lose weight.


Ballooning up like that while following my eating and activity plan was nothing new.  But, I promise you just because it was my ‘normal’ didn’t make it any easier to deal with.  It took six months for my thyroid to re-stablize.

Soul Sucking!!!

But, I’d had enough.

Weight loss surgery was the one and only thing I had not allowed myself to try so I started investigating surgery practices.  After settling on a practice, I had my initial consultation in November 2015 and was sleeved in March 2016.

Since March I have needed three previous thyroid medication changes.  Every time I lose the next 15ish pounds my levels change.  It stands to reason since thyroid medication is partially dosed by weight.  Honestly, I have spent more time waiting for lab work to confirm my TSH levels and verify the new dosage than I have had an optimal thyroid in my corner.

And that leads me to now…

In the past, a TSH of 15 would have been bad news but a rapid drop would have meant at least 30 pounds of unearned weight gain.

Yesterday, that all smacked me in the face really hard….

30 (or more).

Since my medication change on 4 August, I have actually LOST…

3.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have LOST 3.5 pounds with a SLOW THYROID!!!!!!!!!

Inconceivable!!!!!!!  (From the Princess Bride)

Honestly, until yesterday those 3.5 pounds didn’t feel so much like a victory.

Dear Sleevey Weevey, I seriously love you.

Medication change is being called in (doctor asked for time to consult with the pharmacist so hopefully we can get super close to right this time, of course I agreed to be patient) and my retest is already scheduled for 18 November.

Eight more weeks of me over here doin’ my thang and sticking to my calorie and protein goals to inspire my body to release some pounds, swallowing my medication every morning like a good girl, moving daily and working with my trainer weekly…only to have to steel myself for the very real possibility the medication change will still be wrong and I’ll just have to repeat this scenario in eight more weeks but…

This time it will be with a greater appreciation of every ounce my sleeve saves me from gaining and even helps me to lose.



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